Oh! No! You Never Let Go!

I have recently enjoyed Facebooking with my cousin in another state ("Grandma" in the following exchange). This beautiful story of answered prayer unfolded THIS way:

OUR grandson who ALSO loves this song!

Grandma wrote:  Want to let you all know that D's son, Isaiah, age 5, fell Monday afternoon and broke his right arm (both bones). They did a closed reduction in the ER that evening but could not put a cast on due to the swelling. This morning Isaiah saw an Ortho doctor and they did another x-ray, which showed that the bones were ...not in good alignment. So, surgery is scheduled early tomorrow morning.

Grandma updated:  Pray for Isaiah, as he is very upset and does not want to go back to the hospital. Pray that Isaiah would be able to see how the Lord is taking care of him and that He is with him always.

Grandma wrote the following day:  Isaiah is home from the hospital and doing well. The bones are aligned well. Part of a cast with slits put on because of the swelling. Goes to Dr. tomorrow to get full cast on hopefully. Thanks for all your prayers...definitely helped!

D wrote later that day:  @1:30 this afternoon, Isaiah was singing "Oh no never let go. through the calm and through the storm. Oh no never let go, oh Lord you never let go of me!"* at the top of his lungs! He now has experienced first hand that God is taking care of him. Praise God!!! And thanks to all who prayed for him. He was sooo much more at peace today!

*Isaiah's version of Matt Redman's – You Never Let Go

Today I will still be praying. 
And today I will be singing:  "Oh, no! You never let go.  You never let go of me!"


  1. No wonder Jesus told us we must become like little children!
    This makes my heart sing as well...At age 5, he GETS it! Praise the Lord!

  2. Oh, what a precious little boy. It really touched my heart to see how he's singing our Savior's praises at such an early age...and learning that God does take care of us :) :) :) It reminds me of my dad...in the sense that my dad was five years old, when he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior :) :)

    Oh, the cast...he can have fun with that and decorate it with stuff that 5 year olds like :) :) :) I hope his arm heals well!!!

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. I was singing the song as soon as I saw your blog post title. Oh, the heart of a child. This confirms again why I play Christian music in my house..it goes to their hearts and it is brought back to their memory.
    Will be praying..so understand this age...since I have a four year old who is always talking and asking about God...may we all have the heart of a child!

  4. Out of the mouths of babes! Beautiful song and beautiful truth! Thank you for stopping by my blog and so nice to meet you! I pray Isaiah's bone heals under the Great Physician's amazing touch.

    My son had so many broken bones growing up....those insurance deductibles were always met! lol

    Much love to you today! God bless you.

  5. What a great song, and a great answer to prayer! (I don't know that song, but will check it out). Blessings! Donna

  6. A great testimony for anyone experiencing a storm.:)

  7. Oh how sweet Rebecca. It's too bad that little Isaiah had to learn that God protects us all, in that way but I'm sure that the knowledge will get him through more obstacles in his life now! Love Di ♥

  8. Janette, it really IS a catchy song, isn't it? I've mainly heard it from our grandson who loves to sing it - so I don't know all the words (just the ones that count--He'll never let go of me).

  9. Debra Kaye, It is SO good to hear back from you! Discovering a new "sister in Christ Jesus" is always a great thrill for me!

  10. Heather, And from that decision of your father's came a heritage of faith for you! God is good. All the time. All the time, God is good.

  11. Bless his precious, young heart! I hate seeing my children going through any measure of pain, but it helps to know they are well-grounded in their understanding of their Helper and Friend, Jesus Christ. Sounds like Isaiah is well on his way in his understanding.

    Blessed rest to you and your this weekend.


  12. I LOVE that song...and what a wonderful testimony Isaiah has!!! What a beautiful heart!!! You warmed mine with this story!! Thank you, dear Rebecca!! Have a wonderful weekend!! ~Janine Xo

  13. This Rebecca, is PRICELESS!!! Children understand far more than we do as adults at times. Thanks for sharing this beautiful truth. Praying for that precious one!


  14. Rebecca,
    What a great lesson of trusting God, being taught by such a sweet young man. Oh! how I would love to have been there when he was singing! Thank you for sharing, I will be praying for Isaiah.
    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

  15. There's nothing sweeter - nor more powerful - than the faith of a little child!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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