The Happiness of NOT Having Things

Wish I could say these were all the mugs I own--but I can't.
...the happiness of not having things.  It's the last phrase of a quote that I stumbled on and have been rolling over in my mind the past few days.  (You can read the complete quote here.)  I've been thinking about the things I'm happy NOT to have.  Like:
  • a lake cottage (more cleaning, taxes, maintenance)
  • a high-powered food processor and most other small appliances (no place to store them)
  • a larger home (same reasons I'm happy not to have a lake cottage)
  • one more coffee mug (picture above tells all)
  • valuable jewelry (no need for locked storage boxes)
I'm sure it may sound like "sour grapes", but these are a few of many more things that I'm happy not having. Truthfully, I had a harder time than I thought I would listing things I don't have!  For one thing, I'm a pretty simple person and (when it comes to having things) quite content.  It's probably ALSO true that  I have SO much that it's hard to think of things I don't have.

How about you?  What are YOU happy that you don't have?


  1. Oh, Rebecca, I'm at a point in my life where I'm happy NOT to have so many things that I once thought were important, and I'm overwhelmed with what I do have!
    I have so many things to go through that are stored in our attic and basement (not only things Ray and I have collected over our 37 years together, but also things that my parents collected in their sixty years together!).

    Ray would like to retire (or semi-retire anyway) and we'd like to move to a much smaller home (we live in a six bedroom house now), so the task of cleaning out this big old house is daunting.
    So, believe me, whatever is NOT here I am so happy NOT to have!

    I'm glad that I can get to your blog through Facebook because my blog is no help to me at all with visiting.
    And it still won't post for me. I have four or five posts just sitting in limbo.
    I'm so busy now too that I don't have time to fiddle with it, so maybe in the Fall once all my doctor/dentist appointments are out of the way, once all my family and friends go back to their normal routines, and once Jayden goes back to school I hope to have more time.

    Enjoy your 'things' (both the ones that you are Blessed with that make you happy, and the ones you are Blessed NOT to have that make you equally as happy not having them!).
    Love to you,

  2. I do not have much here in Secret Haven and I like it that way. I plan to stay small and stream line with our next move.I like not having to pay taxes, worry about repairs or loss. I just like clean and tidy with a few favorites about to look at. Living in a small space has taught me to get rid of one item for every new item I purchase.

  3. First I want to say I love the new look of this blog......I have way to many things now Rebecca, so don't need it all and try each month to give a box of "things" to people who will use it. Hopefully by the time I move home in two years I won't have anything left except what I need and enjoy.......:-) Hugs

  4. I'm happy I don't have some of the same
    things you mentioned. I do live in a large
    home and it is just more to clean. I think
    as time goes on we(followers of Christ) will
    come to know He is all we need and material
    possessions will lose their appeal more and

  5. Eileen, It's SO good to hear from you. I hope things work out for Ray to retire or semi-so. I know your summer is full with family. Enjoy and I hope you'll find your way back to blogging later.

  6. Dee, Secret Haven sounds wonderful to me. I respect and admire the lifestyle you've chosen. Saw on FB you were a little blue today. Maybe a little letdown from all the fun with the kids???? Praying for joy and energy to return to you.

  7. Bernie, thanks for your comment on my new background. I used to rearrange the house. Now I just change my blog look :).

    What a great idea to give a box-full away month to month! I have been getting rid of some stuff lately, too. There are many young people starting out who are thankful for some of our overflow, I've found!

  8. Sandy, You are SO right! The more I come to find "my everything" in Jesus, the less I need. As times get tougher, we will learn (by necessity, at times) to get along with less and find we STILL have more than enough!

  9. I always thought I wanted a lake cottage for when I became a grandparent. Now that I'm "here" I definitely don't have the energy that would be required to maintain it. (But it was fun to visit your friend's, wasn't it? :) I do have a Cuisinart food processor but then I do a lot of cooking...AND my hubby turned a spare coat closet (down the hall from my kitchen) into a storage closet by installing wire shelving. I LOVE it because I can fit all my small appliances in there and they are within easy reach. I'm totally with you on the mugs! I've mostly pitched the ugly ones, or ones that hold no meaning, so the ones I have left are ok. Personally, I prefer a cup and saucer! No expensive jewelry here either. I'm not a big jewelry person anyway. My wedding rings and my (30th) anniversary ring are usually on my fingers and the only other jewelry that I would consider priceless (not valuable in terms of $) is my grandmother's wedding ring. What am I happy I DON'T have? A fancy car that I would have to worry about scratches, a boat or camper...ugh, the maintenance!, a riding lawnmower (need the exercise), a bigger house (I want a smaller one!)...I think we are pretty much on the same page here, Rebecca! I wanted to introduce you to a blog you might enjoy...another blogger friend who loves to thrift shop. Tell her Jacquelyn sent you!

  10. Now that I read the other comments, here's another from me. I too love the thought that Jesus is our all in all...We have always tried to hold onto our material "things" very loosely for that reason. I love Bernie's idea of giving away a boxful of stuff each month. Amvets calls me every 2 months to see if I have something to donate. I always say "yes" which then forces me to find "stuff" before the designated pick up date! (And we get a tax write off as well) ... If my two married kids don't get their stuff out of our basement soon, I'll have even more to donate! LOL!

  11. Having too many things can be such a burden. Simplicity is beauty, the way to greatness is descending to the point that we hold on to only what is truly important.

    I appreciated reading this post, Rebecca.


  12. Hi Rebecca!
    Jake and I had a conversation similar to this last week. He would love to win the lottery. I would love to win the lottery. Our differences are that he would like to be rich. Although he would be satisfied if we could just pay off all of our bills and he could stay home with me. Even if he had to work locally, at least he would be home all of the time.
    I would not want to be rich. I would like to be able to pay everything off and just be able to be together. I think that being rich would just throw the dynamics of our life so out of control that it wouldn't be a good thing.
    Except for not having him with me, life is good. Even when we can't always afford things.
    Love Di ♥

  13. Wow, this post generated lots of good conversation! Downsizing and streamlining are wonderful concepts. Too much "stuff" can be (and usually is) a burden.

    Paul's words in Philippians 4:11 "...I have learned to be content in whatever state I am." are among some of my favorite Scriptures. When I worked in the design studio, I encountered many people who were not content with their lives. A person can shop for and acquire earthly goods but there is only One who satisfies, only One who quenches our thirst.

  14. Diana, between you and Jake, I think you've got it right! Wouldn't it be wonderful if he didn't have to be away so often????

  15. Great list Rebecca! Living simply, aww...wonderful!

    Blessings to you!

  16. My wise old mother said, 'You can never have enough of what you don't really want.' That has always stuck with me.
    I don't think I am exceptionally frugal, but I am far happier collecting intangibles. Maybe it's just part of growing older!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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