We Have Books


...and we have more than this!
We have children's books,
art books,
coffee table books,
garden books,
picture books,
decorating books,
Christian leadership books,
inspirational books,
devotional books,
funny books,
serious books.
We DO have books.


  1. I ADORE BOOKS...and do not have shelves enough to house them...and so those that do not fit on shelves are stacked throughout the house...Books...hmmm...Soooo glad I am not the only bibliophile around here ;-) You are wonderful!!!! Love you much!!!! Janine XO

  2. Janine, I even love the word "bibliophile"!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    We too have many books. Everywhere. Our library has a room that you can buy all the books that you can fit in a bag for a dollar! So most of our books have the little library tag on the binding. One might think that we never return our books! I like to read in bed at night. A habit that I picked up from my grandmother. Where do you like to read?
    Love Di

  4. DI...I tend to fall asleep when I try to read in bed. I read in my recliner in our living room generally. I've been known to read in the bathroom where I keep magazines conveniently located :)

  5. Next to fabrics...books are my all time favoriate ;-) I also enjoy reading as a way of relaxing. Books are just wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wonder who has more...you or me? I, too LOVE books!
    Blessings, andrea

  7. I too have many, many books, and that's after giving some away and selling, etc. I guess that makes me aa bibliophile too. (I just HAD to use that word!)

    I mostly read in my recliner, but I take a book with me everywhere I go. Also, considering my MD (macular degeneration), I am extremely grateful that I CAN read.

  8. I love books too, but it was getting out of control, we just have run out of shelves and storage! Now we donate them to school and church sales.
    I do love the look of all those books though! My brother-in-law and his wife made shelves floor to ceiling in a few of their rooms in a log cabin that they owned and every inch of those shelves was filled, it was beautiful (and they had read every one of those books!)!

    Great post!
    Love to you,

  9. Sounds like I've surrounded myself not only with blog friends but READING friends!

    ANDREA, it may be a close contest!

    MARIA, I think books and fabric are both wonderful, too (and I don't even sew much!)

    DONNA, I give a lot away, too; and then there are some I just can't part with.

    EILEEN, I should follow your example. At least, I should get rid of one (or two) for every new (used) one I bring home with me....

  10. Your post made me smile Rebecca, just today I moved about 20 cookbooks from the kitchen to the basement family room. We are a book family too, I have mine, he has his, and there's numerous ones for the grandkids.

  11. Rebecca, there is nothing (material) I love more than books and I have even more than you have shown....I am always passing them on to friends or donating them to book fairs and our library.......aren't we blessed Rebecca to be able to enjoy a good book while sitting in our recliners, I do it often....love books love you,......:-) Hugs

  12. So many books...so little time.
    I am a book lover...and have books that I had when I was a little girl. I wouldn't part with them for anything.

  13. Oh, dear! This is turning into quite a book extravaganza!

    PET...I find myself buying Little Golden Books that I remember from my childhood. I might have close to 60 Little Golden Books.

    BERNIE...We have more in the house and then Gary has a wall of FULL bookshelves in his office at the church!

  14. WANDA...I too finally sorted out my cookbooks a year ago or so. I figured out that I wasn't a "cooker" and needed the space, so I found some "cookers" who were delighted to have them.

  15. I LOVE BOOKS! In fact our ebay member name is "booklovingfamily"... hehe. Books are the easiest thing for me to spend money on and as a homeschool family I justified buying lots and lots of books over the years. We purged books a couple years ago - and donated a box full to a Christian ministry and gave some to younger nieces and nephews, but I've been adding more ever since! We have books everywhere too.. Great post!

  16. We have many books too Rebecca. I've been surrounded by them since I was a little girl and it hasn't changed.

    I had a moment of Mommy pride when my mother in law took my children shopping. She said the kids wanted to spend most of their time in the bookstore!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Hi Rebecca I love your blogs and we are alot alike. I am 69 and just sent my second book to the publisher. I just updated my blog. I have been busy with my books, so I was slow doing it. Beauty Shop Burnout is out now and can be ordered through publishamerica. I tell about it on Life with Myrna Rae. Hope to hear from you either posting a comment or through my e-mail. Lets keep in touch. Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. a friend, Myrna Rae


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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