Thanks to the Gideons....

After a delicious meal and good conversation with friends we had invited, we heard an inspiring story of a local pastor whose life was transformed as a result of  a Gideon New Testament he received in prison in Mississippi.  The Gideon who befriended this man helped secure his release, took him into his own home, and saw to it that he had a job and education at Fort Wayne Bible College.  In the picture above, Gideon Charles Habegger is speaking, relating stories of the power of God's Word to change lives.

The Gideons provide this lovely evening at no charge to pastors and wives and their guests.  Here is my husband conversing with the man who married us!  Norman was our pastor when we were students in college in Kansas.   He and his wife Doris are serving the Lord Jesus in active ministry well past "normal" retirement age!
A rather recent addition to the Gideon ministry is the selection of beautiful greeting cards. One hundred per cent of the funds raised from the sale of these cards is used to purchase Bibles that are then distributed throughout the world.  This was a display at the banquet last night.  Currently there are 280,000 Gideons and Auxiliary memebers in more than 10,000 local groups worldwide.  About 1.5 billion Scriptures have been distributed since 1908--more than 500 million in the last 10 years; 75.9 million last year.  That averages to more than two copies per second!
Where did YOU last see a Gideon Bible?


  1. I was just in a hotel in Ok. City and there was a Gideon Bible in the night stand. It's good to hear a real story of how someone's life was changed by a Gideon Bible. But then again, we should not be surprised--God said His Word will not return empty but will accomplish His purpose (Isaiah 55:11)

    Sounds like it was an enlightening evening.

  2. We last saw a Gideon Bible in our hotel room in Disney World!
    I love when I open the drawer of the night stand in a hotel and see that Bible, it gives me that 'at home' feeling.
    I heard that many hotels are now refusing them. And I've heard that some hotels that did refuse them relented after their guests kept asking for them!

    I remember reading stories in school and once in Reader's Digest I think about how the Gideon Bible found in the bedside drawer prevented people from committing suicide in hotel rooms. I believe the Gideon Bible has been life-changing for many, many people.

    I think it's a wonderful gift they provide to travelers. And it was nice to learn in your post of all they do for mankind.

    God's Blessings on those in service to Him.
    Love and Prayers,

  3. Everywhere, and all over the globe! I've traveled extensively, and it's such a comfort to open a hotel drawer and find God's word.

    God bless the Gideons!


  4. 1:27 P.M.
    The ministry of the Gideons is ever-reaching...and one never inows how much impact they have made. We support the Gideons...and instead of sending flowers to a funeral, we send a monetary gift to the Gideon Society in memory of the deceased. We decided that would make a great impact...and the family receives a card saying this was done in memory of his/her family member.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  5. I last saw one at my doctors office.

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    What a lovely evening you had. And Gary looked very happy, so glad to see that. When I read that the pastor that married you was there I thought how special that must have been for you.
    You deserved this pleasurable evening!
    Love Di

  7. In a hotel in Jasper, how these bibles are everywhere especially in prisons. Great post Rebecca....-) Hugs

  8. I was so pleased to find Gideon Bibles in the lodges and cabins at the YMCA of the Rockies. It was very encouraging to hear the Christian testimony to families at that YMCA.

  9. It was very interesting to hear of all the Gideon Bibles in various places! Annually, a Gideon representative comes to our church with stories of life-changing encounters of men and women who come to eternal salvation as a result of reading a "Gideon" Bible! And, as I said, we heard a first-hand story at the banquet last week....Thanks for taking time to add your observations.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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