This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

I had so much fun helping my sister sew the curtain yesterday morning that I got to work crafting two small skirts and matching drawstring purses for our two granddaughters. I had cut up a dress I could no longer wear and was going to use the pieces for rags. I realized I had enough to try my hand at making something from the skirt pieces. Since we plan to see our children & grandchildren tomorrow, I finished this project to take along.

Then I sewed four cushion covers out of some valances I found free in a box by the side of the road. The fabric was washable with that "rubbery" kind of backing. I though them perfect for outdoor use. I made them to fit pillows I already have and will use them to decorate our yard and garden on Tuesday when I host my Red Hats Club for desserts after our regular dinner meal.

I had GREAT fun. I'd forgotten about my sewing machine even though it sits opened on an old sewing machine base at the top of our stairway and I pass it every time I go into our bedroom!


  1. Beautiful, Rebecca! All of it!
    And I love how you took 'found' fabric and created such beauty!
    And, isn't it funny how something is sitting right in front of us and we ignore it's value??
    It's one thing to do that with 'things', but, sadly, I think I do that with family and friends a lot too!
    I'm going to try and pay attention more and not let people in my life become like your sewing machine!

    Enjoy your dinner and I'm sure your guests will enjoy the 'eye candy' as they say, as much as the desserts!
    All the best,

  2. Eileeen, Your comment is a post all of its own! I will think of your observation when I pass the sewing machine on my way to bed! "Isn't it funny how something (even family and friends) is sitting right in front of us and we ignore its value....")

    Thanks for your affirmation.

  3. Rebecca, your post and Eileen's comment are priceless. You have done wonderful with your found material, I am sure your grandaughters will love what Gramma has made them.
    I gave my sewing machine away to someone who needed it more than I did and I wasn't very good at sewing although I did enjoy it.
    I would love to be able to do my own curtain would probably be cheaper to buy another sewing machine and try.
    What Eileen says is so true, our family and friends are right there in front of us and sometimes we just don't see them, it's good to be reminded to tell them just how much we love them.....for just being them.
    Enjoy your family my friend......:-)Hugs

  4. Love your creativity! Taking what God has given you, blessing it and turning it into a blessing for others...absolutely wonderful. Love the skirts and purses! Your granddaughters shall be delighted...

    Glad to see God reawakened a 'gift' within you!

  5. Oh I love sewing! Am going to work on a denim quilt for Katie over the winter. I loved all of your work Rebecca but especially the drawstring bag, very cute!! Happy sewing!! Oh and enjoy your dinner Tuesday. Love Di

  6. Oh the joy of creating with our own two hands! I haven't sewn in quite a while, but enjoyed it when I did. I should say I enjoyed the finished product...the journey there could be frustrating at times when I would sew the wrong pieces together! Always a lesson in patience! Your handiwork is impressive, and your creativity even more so. Busy hands are happy hands..I think I read that somewhere! LOL!

  7. The bags will go over big with the grandchildren can be turned into many useful things...better that than take up closet space.
    I noticed the nice hem on the did a great job on them Rebecca!

  8. Rebecca--I love what you did and you were so thrifty besides! That Eileen can always find an application to our lives.

    I made a chocolate cake (my sister Lou's recipe) that was really good! I had forgotten about it. I also made some home-made sugar cookies. I just got back from out potluck, and i'm ready to chill! lol Donna

  9. Confession time, Wanda...I cut the children's skirts out of the bottom part of my dress & used the existing hem! Lazy but brilliant, huh?

  10. Oh Rebecca, What joy to see you sewing again ;)

    Isn't it wonderful that you can create such beautiful, useful things with just a bit of fabric, needle and a machine that we seem to take for granted or ignore?

    Thank you so much for sharing this...and yes, this could be the start of something big :~)

    many blessings to you dear friend,

    lady m

  11. Rebecca, this is just awesome. I guess I gave up years ago thinking I could do any sewing because I've always been around talented seamstresses in my family. Check this out to see what my daughter-in-law is up to. She just started this little cottage industry a couple months ago, and is already shipping internationally.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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