A Prayer for a Balanced Life

While doing some sermon research for my husband, I came across this prayer. It is SO much the prayer of my heart! I think I will make it my personal prayer each day this coming week...

O Lord! Help me to be …

Firm but not harsh;

Realistic but not skeptical;

Scheduled but not rigid;

Pure but not proud;

Close-mouthed but not unfriendly;

Appropriate but not stiff;

Funny but not frivolous;

Teachable but not gullible;

Flexible but not scatterbrained;

Humble but not pious;

Kind but not compromising;

Dependable but not dull;

Decisive but not stubborn;

Persistent but not needling;

Precise but not picky;

Simple but not foolish;

Demanding but not intolerant;

Thorough but not unkind;

Human but not worldly;

Spiritual but not impractical;

Generous but not irresponsible;

Enthusiastic but not “hyper;”

Honest but not brutal;

Fair but not unloving;

Proper but not unreal;

Confident but not snobbish;

Bold but not brazen;

Busy but not harried;

Active but not shallow;

Deep but not dry;

Wise but not intimidating;

Intense but not forbidding;

Empathetic but not uncontrolled;

Forgiving but not naive;

Sympathetic but not pitying;

Helpful but not condescending;

Penitent but not paralyzed;

Organized but not bossy;

Spontaneous but not inconsistent.

Lord, I guess I’m asking to grow in favor with God and man.

I am asking you to help me become a balanced person. Amen.

(written by Marlene Evans)


  1. a prayer that everyone needs..

    just came back from Brenda's blog. Just told her that it's Sunday morning here, a little cloudy- and will be packing and herding my two boys off to church maybe in an hour's time after some light breakfast.

    have a blessed Sunday, Rebecca!

  2. You,too, Silver. I need to go check where you live! Still about 12 hours till I head out for Sunday School and Church.

  3. Rebecca, please vist my latest blog, it is very special to me and comes from my heart.
    Thank you......:-) Hugs

  4. Rebecca, if we all could say this prayer and truly mean it from the heart what wonderful human beings we would be....:-) Hugs

  5. Rebecca...this is a most beautiful prayer, that we all should aspire to...may I copy and frame this for my own personal use...I would like to display it in my "quiet time" room.

  6. Of course (seeings how I copied it from either Ray Prichard or John Piper's sermon in a Galatians sermon series). I am thinking of meditating on one line a day...finding Scripture to accompany me and encourage me on that particular path in my quiet times....Framing it for your "quiet time" room is a wonderful idea. Let's pray that all we who meditate on it will be changed by God's Spirit to become like the Son.

  7. Very nice, Rebecca, I'll be copying it too since you don't mind.
    Seems like such a fine line between selfish traits and serving traits in some of them, and unfortunately I seem to be erring on the selfish side lately.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    (I am going to be blatantly honest here as I have to admit I am so stubborn and unwilling to change in some ways that this will most likely start out as a half-hearted prayer in some respects.)

    All the best,

  8. thank you for the visit! :o) ... it is wonderful to meet sisters in the Lord through blogging ... ya!

    and this was a perfect prayer ...

  9. It's a little overwhelming, but such a good prayer. It would require not only a balanced life, but a disciplined life.

    Thanks for sharing it. I will most likely copy it also. It's a good one to read once in a while to keep us on track.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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