What's So Special About Sunday?

While standing in the cellar of the old farm house at Sauder Village yesterday, we watched as the interpreter demonstrated the old, time consuming clothes-washing routine. School children watched in rapt attention. "Of course, the people didn't have so many clothes to wash. Most of them had only two sets of clothes - one everyday outfit and one for Sunday," the woman explained.

A little girl, maybe eight or nine years old, piped up, "What's so SPECIAL about SUNDAY?"

"Why, that's the day they went to church!" the interpreter calmly instructed.

Oh, dear friends...What IS so special about Sunday?
May we cherish our freedom to assemble.
May we honor the risen Lord Jesus as we gather weekly!
May we not neglect the assembly of ourselves together,
as instructed by the writer of Hebrews!
And may we by word and example teach our own children and grandchildren
and faithfully minister to the children of others
who have yet to experience
"what's so special about Sunday".


  1. We do need to keep Sunday special. I even think we should still have "Sunday clothes"; I know, call me old-fashioned.

    Thanks for your reminder. Donna

  2. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, church, prayer and relaxing on everything I was told at church. I love Sundays, and I still do have special clothes for church....:-) Hugs

  3. Amen, Sonday is my favorite day sweetie.

  4. That is a sad commentary. So many things have taken the place of church--sports, vacations, yard work. . .

    I love Sundays but needed the reminder that I need to help children know "What's so special about Sundays. . ."


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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