Head Start

I spent the majority of 2018 trying to keep a calendar and other notes, shopping 
lists, birthdays, etc. on my cell phone.  
While there are many advantages to doing it that way,
I've decided to return to a more familiar format.
 I was really excited to find this beauty at our local Walmart!
The format is familiar--
one I've used several years in a row.
It fits easily into my purse.
I spent some time last evening recording birthdays
and look forward to a productive year
thanks to this head start.
I'm sure I'll be using my phone as a back up--
it IS helpful.
But for me, it's hard to improve on the security of paper and pen.


  1. The old-fashioned way still feels the most comfortable, for me too! What a lovely notebook you have to enjoy in the months ahead.

    Happy day...

  2. Your planner is very pretty; I use a wall calendar with the same useful results.

    1. Thanks, Terra! I'd love to see a photo of the one you've used this year (and next year's too if you have it!)

  3. I purchase a planner every year as I find that it just is impossible not too write things down.

  4. I keep all my important lists and thoughts on paper or little books. I love to keep journals and I jot things down all the time. I have a little book a friend gave me that's just 365 days...I have things from 1994 to now written in it. I enjoy seeing what we were doing 8? years ago. ON THIS DAY! I'm looking for a 5 year journal....preferably Marjolein Bastin!

  5. Interesting! Thatvwoyld be SO fun. I'm not familiar with M.B.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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