Living with a Missing Piece

We finished this puzzle (purchased used, which may account for the missing piece) yesterday.
Only after I composed the title did I realize that it was finished
on my mother's birthday - February 2.
This was her first birthday to pass since she died a few months ago.
She IS a missing piece in our lives.
But life DOES go on, and we don't wish her back.
The past week has left us with a few more "missing pieces".
The dear gentleman whose position my husband recently inherited died earlier this week,
and last night another sweet friend finished her earthly course.
Last night as we sipped our hot chocolate and played dominoes,
we had music playing in the background.
One of the songs seemed to fit mother's birthday quite perfectly....
 ♪ I have heard of a land on the faraway strand,
’Tis a beautiful home of the soul;
Built by Jesus on high, where we never shall die,
’Tis a land where we never grow old.
Never grow old, never grow old,
In a land where we’ll never grow old;
Never grow old, never grow old,
In a land where we’ll never grow old. ♪

Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time!


  1. How meaningful that you happened to put this puzzle together now. A missing piece! What are the odds? The picture is beautiful.

    1. Isn't it a beautiful picture??? It wasn't easy to do - too much WHITE!

  2. What a tender post dear Rebecca.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh...
      I feel tender toward life these days.
      Life is beautiful.

  3. That is a beautiful word picture, Rebecca!

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Yes, when our earthly sojourn is finished here, hope we will be a missing piece,
    as are those we have lost. Heaven gets sweeter and sweeter the more loved ones
    that go there, and what a wonderful thing when we will see Jesus face to face
    one day..........I am praying all my closest loved ones and friends live on
    the same
    Have a Blest weekend,

  5. It's a blessing to know that one day we will see our loved ones and that we won't have that missing piece long. I know that you miss your mother, but your puzzle is a fitting tribute.

    1. Since I didn't live near my mother for the majority of my adult life, I "miss" her differently than those whose relationship was close. No matter. There IS an obvious "missing piece" that God is filling with His unique peace...


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