Making Beauty Where I Am

...and making beauty where I am
 These words from Elizabeth's "About Me"
seemed to jump off my laptop screen and fix themselves firmly in my mind.
This is SO my desire--to make beauty where I am...
So many appear to do it so well; so effortlessly.
I, on the other hand, struggle.
Never quite satisfied with my attempts.
Last Sunday, our class lesson was on Creation from Genesis 1.
Once again, I noticed the words describing God's satisfaction at the end of each creation day:
"And God saw that it was good."
 Today, with new resolve I commit to making beauty where I am
whether by music or meal,
gentle word or clean window,
arrangement or accessory;
and to see that it IS good...

“Father, free us  (ME) from any need to be impressive today, or competent or celebrated. 
Help us (ME)  to rest in your love and to offer a kind presence.”
(Scotty Smith, Twitter)

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Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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