Soul Hunger

Soul hunger....not so easily addressed.
"Pay attention when your soul pokes its head through the clouds of a half-lived life. 
 Pay attention to your longing to wake up, to feel more alive, 
to feel something spur you beyond your fear. 
Be okay with making mistakes, suffering loss, 
and confronting what needs to change within yourself 
in order to live a more genuine and radiant life. 
Some of us resist until the forces of fate deliver a crises. 
Some of us get sick and tired of filling emptiness with drugs or drink or food, 
and we turn and face our real hunger: our soul hunger."
--Elizabeth Lesser

OK.  I confess.  I have a sneaking suspicion I've heard of E.L. before.  
Maybe even READ her for myself. 
 Maybe just read ABOUT her.
Probably shouldn't be quoting her here without knowing where she's coming from... 
 However here it is.
 It caught my attention.
No, I'm not filling emptiness with drugs....or drink...or food.
Not yet anyway.
I AM, however, aware of a bit of soul hunger.
This is my record then...
of attention.
Of intention.

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