February Reading

My February reading included Small Victories
from which these two excerpts were photographed.
 Anne Lamott never fails to stun me with her honesty,
brutally and artfully delivered.
Quotes like these found their way into my journal:
"It was a party and also a service, because we had come with dedication,
with loving intention and attention, which is what makes something sacred" (page 262).
"If healing and care are going to get done, it will be love working through us.
Us!  In our current condition, not down the road, when we are in the fullness of
our restoration, in wholeness, compassionate detachment, patent amusement.
 Us.  Now!" (page 268)
My fascination with Anne led me to a couple of YouTube interviews 
 from which I gleaned and journaled these random gems:
Take the action.  The insight follows.
All freedom comes from discipline.
Militant and maternal self-love.

 Yesterday I read a book of another flavor!
I interrupted my reading long enough to transfer THESE lines from its pages into my journal...
"Stop trying to protect, to rescue, to judge, to manage the lives of those around you...
remember that the lives of others are not your business.  They are their business. 
They are God's business--even as your own life 
is not your business.  It is also God's business" (Frederick Buechner).
and, describing Father Tim:
"While most people...took family for granted, he took it for grace."
Finally, this description of the look on Pauline's face:
"...the look of a woman who refused to indulge loss and was celebrating gain."
Can you tell that I was entertained, instructed and inspired by my February reading?


  1. "While most people...took family for granted, he took it for grace."

    I LIKE that!

  2. Oh this was good, Thanks, I want to share the Wendall Berry with my daughter...

    1. I found it very thought-provoking, too!

  3. It's so good to keep meaningful quotes. I must remember to do that!

    1. :) I have them (quotes) all over the place! I really ought to have a better filing system!

  4. We share two favorite authors (Anne Lamott and Jan Karon), I read all their books. I am reading a Mitford book now "Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good." I look forward to reading the two you reviewed here.

  5. Who else do you read??? I used to enjoy Maeve Binchy novels, but she died and won't be writing more. I also like Joanna Trollope, but haven't read anything from her recently....


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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