It's the first Sunday of Advent.
I'm not sure I've ever selected a word around which to organize
my Advent meditations before, but if I were choosing THIS year,
I'd choose "center".
This became clear to me as we began to put this jigsaw puzzle together.
Our usual approach to puzzling is to first piece together the border. 
It clearly wasn't going to work this time!
And so we began at the center.
It was an AHA MOMENT for me as I observed
- and not coincidentally -
it was Jesus who was at the center of the center.
Just where He belongs.
Thinking of Jesus this morning,
I compiled phrases from many translations of the last phrase of Colossians 1:18.
Here is the result:

(in order that) that in all things (every aspect, at every view, everything, in all things, in every respect) He (Himself) might (come to) have the preeminence (will occupy the first place, be first, stand supreme, hold first place, hold the primacy, hold the first dignity, be above all others, be far above, be preeminent, has supremacy, far above, is most important, would be far above everything).

 From the center of me to my "borders"
(all and any of the peripherals of daily living)
may He hold first and final place.
Center of the center.


  1. Perfect word. Last night I went to an church service as I want to keep Advent somehow. I am late organizing it officially though. Advent I would have to say is my favorite liturgical time of year. It is fresh, centered around a newborn, and full of promise. I hope you have a Blessed are off to a beautiful start.

    1. By the way, the book arrived and I read the first 2 chapters aloud on the way to IL. :)

  2. Your puzzle has been quite an object lesson! "Jesus in the center" is the perfect way to look at it!

    (Thanks for the kind comments that you have made on my recent blog posts...and thank you for rejoicing with us! I am having difficulty keeping up on my end, but please know that your words are appreciated!)

  3. What a good spiritual lesson, and I also love that scripture!

  4. How often I let Christmas be so many things that are so far from Christ. I love that you are meditating on the center. I intend to follow your lead.

  5. I LOVE this! For everything I do and say to be Christ-CENTERed....that is my HOPE!

  6. I "TRUEly" love this thought Rebecca and want Jesus to be the center of my heart's center. This is one of my most favorite posts. I'm so glad you shared it!!!


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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