Treasuring and Pondering

 I thought I was finished with my journaling this morning.
I closed my journal and began spending some of my daily 5,000-24,000 
(depending on which source you consult) words on my husband!
Some of my jottings had triggered additional thoughts, and I was eager to share them.
"In fact," I told myself, "I should post some of my profundity on Facebook!"
Almost instantly, a verse from the Bible came to mind.
I googled a few of its words to look it up for accuracy.
But Mary treasured all these things, 
giving careful thought to them and pondering them in her heart.  
(Luke 2:19, Amplified Bible)
 Instantly instructed and reproved, I reopened my journal to write.
I need to do so much more TREASURING and PONDERING;
so much less facebooking and jabbering. 
I have a small collection of these...this is my latest acquisition.


  1. Oh,you are what I need in my life...just got home from long trip and they are becoming harder and harder to do. I am impatient and have much that needs patience in my life. The closer to home, the lower I felt. Hubby returned to self more and came in to problems (very minor, but they don't seem like it when they are yours) and October sits in mid 80s while our air is broken so tired and hot and irriated....I should have journaled!!!!!

    1. You still CAN (journal)! In fact, most of that paragraph would make a great one to start with - and would probably lead to more.

      I guess after reading The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day, I'm aware of even more values of journaling. Frequently in the writing of it, one slows down enough to actually ponder the things that need "pondering"... Hope the kinks begin to work out and life picks up again. 80s? That's hot! Our temps are just right here...

  2. Amen. I don't know how many times God has closed my mouth with that verse. Thanks for sharing. I have a journal for my children and grands that is exactly that....pondering in my heart.

  3. I love the treasuring and pondering. I find I often lose myself in a book, copying and praying for God to stamp the words I've culled on my mind and heart. Love those four color, fine point Bics!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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