Friends Remember; Friends Know

 I met her for coffee.  (It ended up being an almost three-hour coffee!)
She surprised me with the lavender.
She's a TERRIFIC remember-er.  Some time ago, just in passing, I'd said,
"I'd love to have more lavender, but I'm too 'tight' to buy it."
She dug this out of her own flowerbed.  
Friends remember.
Then yesterday I came home from visiting my mother and found an envelope.
Another friend, one I've never met in person, had mailed me these quilted bookmarks!
"I know you like to read as much as I do," she'd written in her sweet note.
You're right, Claudia!
Friends know.
A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17

friends remember; friends know
thoughtful gestures, countless prayers
timely words
being there...
it shows


  1. Oh my, Rebecca, you must have two Claudia's in your life--a rare thing indeed. I just found your thank you on my blog and alas, I am not the one who sent you the book marks. They are lovely though..wish I had!! Have a great autumn weekend!!!!

    1. Well! This may explain a LOT - like why you couldn't figure out the "hot pads"?????? I am VERY confused now!

  2. Will the "REAL" Claudia please help me out!?!

  3. Very nice, they are thoughtful friends!


  4. How sweet! These are the things that bring sunshine into your days!

  5. Ahhh . . . what a sweet post! I'm glad you like the bookmarks. There are more Claudia's out there than I thought. I guess I should start signing as Claudia in Kansas. AND I need to read all of your blogs.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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