Perfect in Imperfection

While strolling through our yard, viewing the latest blooms (and weeds),
my husband took this photo.  
I couldn't get over the beauty in spite of the petals that had been broken off.
Perfect Imperfection is the title I gave it.
The next morning I traveled the familiar miles to visit my mother
in the Special Care Unit of a retirement community.
On the way, feeling a bit ordinary and wearing the "same old, same old",
I stopped at Dollar General to pick up some shaving gel for my husband. 
The young clerk complimented me on my outfit!
Later, while sitting at the dinner table with Mother, 
one of the residents at another table stared at me and said,
"What a beautiful color of green!"  (My shirt)
Not too much later, one of the nurses complimented me on my hair style.
Maybe the Lord knew I needed a "pick-me-up"!
Each comment made me feel special.
Three in a day added up to make me feel - well - "Perfect" in my Imperfections.
Lesson?  Never underestimate the power of a sincere compliment 
the Perfection of Imperfection!
 "So then, encourage one another and build each other up, as you are doing." 
I Thessalonians 5:11


  1. I know what a word of encouragement does for me so I truly try to do that for others, but know I often fail. You really do look so pretty...that's a great color for you (and I'm being sincere). Happy SONday!

    1. Ahhhhhh, thanks, Debbie. (I really wasn't fishing for a compliment - just registering my surprise at 3 out-of-the-blue in ONE day!)

  2. Living in Ohio there were numerous opportunities to purchase Amish or Mennonite quilts. They were beautiful. I remember one such time when inspecting a quilt, I must have spoken out loud and said it was "perfect". The woman informed me that only God was perfect and as such, these women worked something imperfect into their works as a reminder. Yes, perfect in imperfection.

  3. Rebecca, I think you are truly beautiful and elegant! You are an example of a stylish and classy woman.
    I am now back to blogging on a "new" blog. :) I have tried to reconnect with you on Facebook but have had so many names, that I understand the confusion!!;)


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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