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I have heard lots of stories on how young people of today have no clue how to count back change...well...it ain't just the young. I had a much older lady as my cashier this morning. My total came to $15.90. I handed her a $20 bill and before she could even place it in the drawer I said, "oh wait, here, this will help." And handed her a single dollor (her spelling) bill.

She just stared at me....so I said, "this way I'll just get a 5 back and 10 cents."....she still just continued to stare at me so I literally repeated word for word what I just said (in case she hadn't heard me or something.) 

She then starts shaking her head and rolled her eyes, put the $20 bill in the drawer and muttered, " so then what's the point, you'll just be getting this back then..." And proceeded to count out 4 one dollar bills from her drawer and handing them to me along with the one dollar bill I had given her. Kept shaking her head and rolling her eyes while handing me my 10 cents too. I smiled, said, "thank you" and moved on. Eh, money is money - at least I did get back the right amount anyway!

Suddenly, reading this, I felt VERY old.   
 Even MORE so when two of this person's friends commented:    
Old people sheesh!! LOL!! and  What a dork!
A few days ago, my post here was tittled "Ordinary"
Today, "Old". 
 I, too, am a "much older lady".

Kudos to the "much older lady" (not me) who commented THIS way: 
"...you know, if you are fortunate, before you know it you will be one of those!" 

...encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.
I Thessalonians 5:14


  1. Life definitely gets more challenging as we get older. My great-aunt used to say (and I've heard others say it too), "Old age isn't for sissies." But, there are wonderful things about being an older woman too! We have lived to enjoy some of the fruits of our labors.

    I am afraid that we live in a youth-oriented culture, but I certainly don't want to fall into that trap. I want to use the experience and wisdom (hopefully) that I have gained on the journey to help others on theirs and to bring glory to God.

    (Or perhaps I'm not "old enough" to know the reality of old age yet?)

    1. No, Cheryl. I don't think you're "old enough" yet :)
      After writing this post, I studied I Peter 5 for our ladies' Bible study Friday. I saw with fresh eyes and heart some truths from the first part of the chapter about the relationship of the "old" and "young". I'm always amazed at how relevant God's Word is...a lamp to our feet and light to our paths.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I have to say I think the thinking of older folks vs younger folks is totally different just because we
    came from such a different mentality and era of time. Sure our parents probably felt the same way,
    especially those that grew up during the depression, where it was all about fixing or reworking everything and not being wasteful. Some of that wore off on me, but yet I know there were different
    ways that I looked at things..............
    but Old is not BAD.............older is GOOD, we have gained a lot of wisdom and have learned to
    slow down and smell the roses, and many times we see things others don't see..............
    So what we have lost in youth we have definitely gained in Wisdom..........and that's my story and
    I am sticking to it......lol

    Hope you are feeling back to your old self these days.
    and that you aren't freezing, now yall have had some cold weather probably.

    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Nellie, I like your story! And I've always liked/respected/been surrounded by "old" people without even thinking about it or making an intentional effort.

      Most of the time, I AM feeling back to my "old" self these days :)

      It IS very, very cold up here! But then again, it's WINTER!

  3. It seems so often the young criticize the older folk and the older are harsh with the young. Being critical is a heart attitude that needs to be changed.....but won't happen without the Lord's help. I for one intend to embrace my age and try to be grateful for getting up each morning ... .hopefully a bit wiser each day....even with the aches and pains! ;)

  4. The aches a pains and forgetfulness of ageing is not easy...but I like the slowing down and appreciation of simplicity.. When someone treats me as old...I kind of smile at them and want to tell them to prepare yourself...your not that far off from being old...it kind of happens over night.

  5. Total: $4.26. Paid: $5.01. Change: ??????


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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