My Sane, Not-So-Simple and Sacred Week

Rare and wonderful days earlier this week were spent with
our daughter and five of our eleven grandchildren.
I took the older two shopping for school supplies and was slightly staggered
by how much they are required to bring along with them to school
and the cost of it all... 
The weather couldn't have been better for outside fun!
 Believe me, we packed it in!
 Wednesday, I had an appointment with the surgeon who inserted my new hip.
At the same appointment, I was given the date of September 23rd
for a knee replacement.
While I wait, I am doing some exercises to strengthen muscles
and returning to the Fast-5 lifestyle to drop some pounds 
I've accumulated since my fall & subsequent surgery in March.
So WHY did I bake this Zucchini Spice Cake tonight?!?
Answer:  Because I was gifted (again) with some wonderful garden vegetables,
including zucchini!  Along with the veggies were two pieces of cake like this and the recipe.
I couldn't resist and plan to pass it along to a few friends who might be encouraged
by receiving it.
This morning I led a hymn sing at a nursing home.  It's always a blessing,
and as usual I came home a bit hoarse and very happy.
 Now, I'll relax the rest of the evening and read this book.
I don't agree with everything in it, but it's very thought-provoking.
 A lot more happened this week including time spent with Mother in the nursing home
and dinner that night with Dad at Bob Evans and coffee with a friend.
This, my friends, is my sane, not-so-simple, and sacred week at a glance.


  1. Ah dear Rebecca, life is not always so simple, I'm afraid. In my corner of the world, it's not always so sane either! If find that I often have to seek and set my mind upon the sacred and treat it as a gift.

    I am so encouraged by all the exercise you are getting. I recently joined a women's fitness group... I was appalled at how the gentle yoga "tore" me up! Yes... out of shape indeed!

    1. "Virtue - even attempted virtue - brings light; indulgence brings fog." ~C.S.Lewis

      Gentle yoga sounds like a marvelous approach to caring for your body. The exercises I'm doing are primarily to strengthen some leg muscles that will be called into play with the upcoming surgery. I'm also determined to increase the little bit of walking time I am already doing.

      All of life IS sacred, isn't it? Recognizing it, embracing it, and treating it as the gift it is is SO necessary.

  2. That C. S. Lewis quote...."indulgence brings fog".... my life gets a bit thick as pea soup sometimes because I indulge in the wrong stuff....and people. Glad you had a good time with your grands!

  3. Yes, all of life is sacred...a gift from His hands, every precious day of it. Thank you for the encouraging words you left at my blog!

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Sounds like a good week, all but the appt. for knee surgery.........not easy to look forward to that I am sure...............Glad you are getting around well now, just be careful and not over do hon. I have always heard it said the most dangerous time after surgery is when you are feeling good again,
    cause we can tend to over do.
    Thanks for coming by yesterday it was good to hear from you. and aren't those key lime cookies great..........I have had to pace myself and not eat them all, they are sooo good! lol
    Getting close to finishing off my peaches..........sure have enjoyed them. Also seem to be feeling
    good and energetic in the daytime, but by night time just worn out, so hoping this passes soon.
    I woke up all congested this morning, so hubby is changing our A/C filter and hoping maybe that
    is the cause of the problem. I am allergic to dust and pollen.........
    Well, you have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. God bless your family ~ that cake looks delicious! ~ well done re the strengthening exercises ~ I love Barbara Brown Taylor's writing. xx

  6. Just reading how you pour out your life for others in spite of your own recovery is so encouraging!

  7. I scrolled down from the last post (July 30) and will post a comment on this one first. I love the title AN Altar in the World. And I love the photos of your porch. We also have a porch here in my father's home in Manila, and I love sitting in the porch to sip coffee and slow read. Yes, a porch is important for our spiritual growth. Were with you with Amber and her family? Praying all goes well with your hip and knee replacements. Glad to be back visiting at your blog place. Love, Lidia


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