Regrets? I've Had a Few

Last night I received a text message.
From my friend.  Possibly upon her arrival at the Abbey of Gethsemani.
I had reserved a spot, too--and looked forward to my third retreat
at this beautiful place.
But the closer the date came, 
the more I realized how unwise it was for me to go.
Circumstances made my decision clear.
But regrets?  You bet!
"Send me a photo or two", I texted her back.
And with its coming this morning, more regrets.
Then I remembered a prayer I'd read recently
written by Scotty Smith that included these lines:
" us sort through the issues.  Show us what is repent-able and what is repairable;
and bring quiet to our noisy hearts so we can hear you speak.
Convince us, yet again, that we need your presence much, much more than we need circumstances and people to change."
With my personal Amen to the prayer, I set about to "repair".  
To create a faux-Gethsemani experience HERE
independent of circumstances and people. 
And HERE--right HERE I anticipate hearing Him speak; experiencing His presence.
Some regrets ARE repent-able.  Others repairable.
Thankfully, THIS one is repairable.


  1. Your way with words touches me, Rebecca....
    Love you, friend.

  2. What an awesome prayer. You are so insightful and wise! HOPE you enjoy your time spent with Him at home!

  3. No doubt God will easily move into a heart that is open for the receiving! I pray your at-home-Abbey a welcome respite for your soul.

    1. "At-home-Abbey is a far better way to say it than faux-Gethsemani. (I've mentally been preparing my next post undoing that "faux" part.)

  4. Rebecca, thank you for sharing the lovely prayer. You inspire me. You have been blessed with such a beautiful, surrendered soul.

    I have a new blog address:

    Take care, and God bless.


    1. I'm coming to "see" you, Andrea.

  5. Oh Rebecca! The prayer... I may have to write it in my journal. It touched my heart.

  6. Lovely post Rebecca and l'm sure you made the right decision for you, life is often full of difficult choices but make them we must, wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  7. Wow...this one was for me. How like God to teach you something that was also for my journey. Thanks for sharing. Right now I am letting this soak in.

  8. You have such a God given gift of turning around a situation towards Godly thoughts and wisdom.

  9. I looked up their website -- it looks like a wonderful place. The solitude and silence calls to me. So sorry it didn't work out for you. God does teach us lessons during our hard times, doesn't He? ~Pamela


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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