Hospital Visitation

Family and friends can help speed your recovery, 
but too many visitors or visitors that stay too long an have the opposite effect.  
Please ask your visitors to comply with the following guidelines. read a part of the hospital information I received when I arrived
 for my days of in-patient rehab.
Several guidelines followed -- most of which seemed obvious to me
but are often overlooked when visitors think to themselves, 
"Well, that doesn't mean ME"!
Friends have visited me.
Thankfully, most know the importance of short visits, 
quiet conversations, and limiting the number of guests at one time.
Thoughtful gifts (though unnecessary) have brightened my day.
Note the variety in the three book one friend brought for me.
I'm especially looking forward to reading the Lenten Reflections from C.S. Lewis (above).
 I assure you, there are not as many pieces of this wonderful chocolate left in the box today--
the day after receiving them.  The chewing gum that came with this gift is also much appreciated.
It felt so good to use this lotion after sponging off this morning.
This type of thing (chap-stick, powder, etc.) was nice to receive.
 And cards!
Some serious; some funny.
This one so appropriate!
I'm sure I'm not like all patients, but I don't feel my best emotionally or physically.  
And I KNOW I don't look my best.
I would like to think it's not simply a pride problem that makes me 
hope that everyone who is concerned about me
doesn't visit me during my short hospital stay.
So much time (for me, at least) is needed to do my therapy and rest.
 Appear as you are. Be as you appear. (annie s. on twitter)
I hope to be a more sensitive visitor in the future as a result of my current situation.
I think being aware of the individual patient's circumstances,
needs, and personality all enter into this 
along with respecting hospital guidelines which are for the general welfare of its patients.
What have YOU learned from personal experience about being
a good hospital visitor?


  1. Dear, dear Rebecca ~ I love that photo of you. I think you are a lovely, gentle lady.

    May you soon be back home and have a speedy recovery.

    I love you ~ FlowerLady

    1. :) I was due for a haircut the day I fell. Nothing to do with it except to pull it back. I've never felt comfortable this way, but it is what it is :)

      BTW by nature I am NOT a lovely, gentle lady. I hope I am on my way to becoming one. The process is not always easy, is it, Lovely Lorraine

  2. I understood the value of quiet time and healing time when Mama was in the hospital for an extended time with her congestive heart failure. After that, like you, I became a more sensitive visitor to hospital patients. As a matter of fact, I generally don't go to visit patients any more while they are in the hospital. There is so little time for rest for the patient....awake very early in the morning....therapies and medicines all day long.
    Do take care and get that much-needed rest.

    1. I'm glad you understood where I was coming from, Jackie..... I DO realize not everyone wants to be "left alone" much depends on the person, the nature of illness/injury, I guess...

  3. You look great for having gone through surgery. Those colors in your shirt are lovely on you.


    1. Ahhhh. Thanks! The shirt was actually a sleeping gown I'd purchased for my mother when the nurses told us she only had one nightgown at the nursing home. It didn't seem right to me that we'd only sent one with her, but on the way to see her Friday I stopped at the only little store in their town and didn't find anything very appropriate. This one was the best. When I got there, another gown had appeared so I had this one in my bag to return when I slipped and fell. It works GREAT for me :) I guess God knew.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Hope this finds you coming along well with your theraphy and feeling better. You look better and I actually like your hair like that...........
    I know when my Mother-in-law was doing theraphy after her stroke, it was simply exhausting. You so appreciate people who love you and who visit, but short visits are best, as the patient just tires
    out very easily, and need all the rest they can get, and especially after recovering from surgery.
    One thing I learned about hospital visits is......not to wear perfrume to the hospital as many folks
    are allergic to it and have bad reactions, and we go visit, pray for the patient and leave pretty quickly

    Take care hon, and get lots of rest
    Praying for you and for a very quick recovery,
    Blessings, Nellie

    and Happy Spring!!

    1. Sounds like you're an ideal visitor, Nellie ♥


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