Let Your Light Shine

My dear grandmother made this lamp!  I treasure it.
 Sometimes I think I THINK too much.  Like today...
Just happens that it's the SAME day Nate came to do the electrical work
to install a plug-in on our kitchen island so I could "let THIS light shine"!
 My husband had the island already on some small rugs
so it could be slid around without scratching our floors.
 Once the hole was drilled, there was no turning back!
This was a combination birthday/Christmas gift.  MY choice!

OK.  Back to what I was thinking this morning after digesting
a lot of facebook posts, tweets, and a blog post or two...
Jesus DID say:
In the same way, let your light shine before others, 
so that they may see your good works 
and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  (Matthew 5:19)
But only a few verses later, He ALSO said,
Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, 
for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.  
(Matthew 6:1)
It's  quite a fine line between the two, I decided.  
A line I do NOT want to cross.
I really want to avoid the Pharisee lifestyle.
It so easily creeps up on a person!
 What IS it about me/us that makes me/us want to PUBLISH
ANYthing about myself/ourselves?   
Why do I think my left hand needs to know what my right hand is doing?
(Not to mention my facebook friends and everyone in Blogland?

See?  I told you that sometimes I think too much!
My hubby writing the check; the light, shining...


  1. It is a beautiful island for a beautiful and meaningful lamp! I know it will give you much pleasure as you absorb and reflect it's projected light into your home. As your grandmother intended when she created it...and the Lord intended when He created the LIGHT of day...Light belongs in darkness. Light dispels the darkness...it chases the darkness away. Darkness cannot co-exist with LIGHT. It represents YOU! You radiate the LIGHT of Jesus...where ever you go. That LIGHT in YOU...gives LIGHT to a whole room...just because you entered it. Your grandmother's lamp...is a reflection of Jesus in YOU. Contemplate that as you bask in its light....and you will see the 'fine line' completely disappear!
    Listen to your heart strings. They are singing over you with HIS rejoicing. You place high value on meaningful LIGHT!

    May you see YOU as Jesus sees YOU today :)

    patrina <")>><

    Salt and Light
    Matt 5: 14-16

    …14 "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15 nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

    Prov 16: 1-3
    1The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.
    2All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.
    3Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

    1. I think it's the "in such a way" (the translation you quoted here) that I'm thinking about most...
      Oh, thank you for your input, Patrina! It helps my heart strings ♪ SING ♪

      Jesus said, "Don't let your right hand know what our left hand is doing" when it comes to giving or dong our "good deeds".

      I'm trying to understand and figure out what that means for me when it comes to posting things....

  2. A beautiful island, and I am glad that it is now "electrified!" :)
    I love the rooster lamp that your Grandmother made. I am sure it is a priceless treasure to you, Rebecca. It is beautiful.
    As we are going, we spread God's love.
    That's what I try to do rather than be preachy and 'in your face' about it. I understand what you are saying, and I have found that "preachy" people turn me off. Completely.
    Sending love and hugs to you, my sweet friend.

    1. You succeed in what you "try", Jackie :)
      Thanks for sending your love and hugs.

    2. Thank you, sweet friend.
      Your island is lovely.
      Good job to all who had a hand in getting it ready for that beautiful lamp...and to your hubby who wrote the check!

  3. I love your kitchen island and your rooster light!

  4. I also love your island and rooster lamp, Rebecca. I also understand what you are wanting to convey. I think sometimes we take ourselves and everything too seriously. I take the Bible and what it says very seriously though.Unfortunately we don't always understand what God is wanting us to in His word. As for what we tell others on blogs and FB, we are just human beings needing companionship through sharing our lives and thoughts in words.

    1. I think that is right, Sandy. "Needing companionship......" I need to be more gentle with myself and others. You help me see that. ♥

  5. What a great gift to yourself! I have an outlet on my island and I use it a lot. I DON'T have an outlet on the mantle, and many times I wish they had put one there so I could do Christmas lights up there. o I use candles instead. :)

    Good word Rebecca, there is always a balance to learn, even in sharing Jesus. There is so much of US in us, and all of us are learning each day that it's all about Him every time. Aren't we glad that He instructs us as we go? :)

    1. When my husband asked what I'd like for my birthday/Christmas, this was what came to my mind. We live in an older house and a few years ago, installed a few other strategic outlets which I've never regretted.

      And yes, I'm SO thankful that He instructs us as we go. I'm definitely learn something EVERY day!

  6. Love the lamp and the special meaning it has for you. What a great idea to add a plug in the island. I know what you are saying about sharing what we do, and think...the Lord let me know to not do it for the reason of seeing who i am in the eyes of others but see who i am in his eyes. I almost quit blogging and FB but then I felt peace about it, that if I shared His work in my life and not put it first over Him it is OK. I know balance and who i am in Christ....and I think you do also. :)

    1. Thanks for your wise words, Dee.♥

  7. What a wonderful island and he did such a great job. Enjoy, enjoy! I don't have FB, but I do blog, and I think I too fight with the balance from time to time.

  8. And what shall you do on your island?

    1. Unfortunately, it's location just inside our back door makes it a "dump-all" spot for all TWO of us. Overnight it can fill up! It IS a very hand buffet service top when we have guests. Now I can even plug in a crock pot and set it on it! (Speaking of which, I need to get on the ball. It's been awhile since we had guests.)

  9. Morning Rebecca,
    Love your Rooster lamp, he is so cute, and how special that your grandmother made him.
    Gonna look quite nice on your island.....

    Well, I think the reason we tell about what were are doing is that we really love connection with other
    people.........it is like sharing life with them, just like how we share life with our own families. I think
    it only becomes wrong if we are acting like we are something we are not (being pharasacial, as you say). or bragging so that people will think wow, aren't they something.......but I think sharing life
    with others is a good thing cause how else do people really get to know us.......or know what we
    stand for in life............Just my thoughts! I think it is better to give out lil bits of our faith in our daily life than to hit people over the head with it by just talking down to people and being preachy.
    Personally, I have never felt like anything you say is braggadocious or pharasacial, just letting
    your light shine hon..........

    Hope you are doing well hon, as well as your parents. Know yall have had some heavy duty cold
    weather up there, so hope you are staying toasty warm.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thanks for weighing in on the subject. I don't know WHY this is kind of a struggle for me...
      Yes. We've had some cold and snow, but that's what winter IS for us. It does make travel to see my parents more challenging but it's all working out.

  10. I've been in a motel far away from home all week. A delightful time of thinking. I'm with you though, sometimes I think too much. Your rooster looks perfect and I think I need a wire run.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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