Sheep May Safely Graze

 The melody played itself as I assembled this simple vignette
around the bottom of our tabletop tree...

Schafe können sicher weiden,
Wo ein guter Hirte wacht.
Wo Regenten wohl regieren,
Kann man Ruh und Friede spüren
Und was Länder glücklich macht.

Sheep can safely graze
where a good shepherd watches over them.
Where rulers are ruling well,
we may feel peace and rest
and what makes countries happy. 

Bach was commissioned to write a hunt cantata for Duke Christian's birthday.  
This particular piece was a part of it.  
The sheep mentioned here are the peasants governed by Duke Christian. 
(And up until yesterday, I thought it referenced the Good Shepherd!)
 Bach was right.  When rulers rule well, people rest and are at peace.
But ultimately, regardless of who rules and how,
The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
Psalm 23


  1. Yes, regardless, the Lord is my Shepherd. No matter what.

  2. Rebecca, I LOVE this post! First of all, because I love sheep! Secondly, it is such a cool idea to put a pasture of sheep around the bottom of a tree, thirdly because I have so many times pondered the same Biblical thoughts in the last while. I did a post regarding some similar thoughts about a year ago. So true, so thoughtful, so sweet. I admire your creativity!

  3. HI, I am testing to see if I can leave a comment. I am hoping to return to my blog soon. I still have some computer issues to tweak. Dee


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