Black and White

 These are our grandchildren....
 gathered for less than 24 hours at a central location on Thanksgiving Day.
 We celebrated Christmas, too,  since one of our children's family will be unable to join us then...
We'll take what we can get!
 This is a black and white Christmas stocking
 hanging on the single knob of the antique wardrobe....
 This morning my husband followed up the Children's "Sermon" 
 with the lighting of the first Advent Candle.
 It was a very sweet moment.
 Too bad my phone's camera chose this instant to be uncooperative.
(Have you noticed how impossible it is to do-over some things?)
This is an interesting book that I finished while traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday.
It is filled with a lot of details 
about the latter years of this literary couple and
written by their personal secretary.
Though I'm a fast reader, I couldn't read this one "fast"...
I AM glad I stuck it out and finished it.

All this black and white reminds me that I am by nature 
a "black and white" person.  
There are probably too few grey areas in my thinking.
I wish this wasn't the case.  I really do.
It DOES make a life a little easier for me - but probably not
for the people that have to LIVE with me.
As I age, I think I'm mellowing a bit.
But not much.
Any suggestions?


  1. I am also a *black and white* type of thinker. I don't know that you should *try* to be different or change in any way.....just remember what Lester Roloff said.....Stay close to Jesus and He will keep you sweet.

    1. I LIKE what L.R. said! That IS the key (staying close to Jesus)....

  2. Wonderful to have the Grands all together. Simply priceless!!!!

  3. I am also a black and white type of thinker. Always have been! I am OK with that, too. I have never heard that quote but I love it.
    Your grandkids are all so darling. You are so blessed to have so many. for mine!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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