Memories of the Heart

First we glued the craft sticks together.
Her task was to stabilize them 'til the hot glue dried.
Then her hands patiently shaped the halos that will be placed atop the angels' heads.
Minutes and hours passed in reverent companionship.
 If she COULD have said it, I think this is how she would have expressed herself.

I remember you with my heart.
My mind can't say your name.
I can’t recall where I knew you,
or who you are,
or who I am.
Maybe I grew up with you.
Maybe we were family together.
Did we walk together yesterday?
There’s something wrong -
with my memory.
But I do know you.
I know I know you.
I know I love you.
I know how you made me feel.
I remember the feelings -
we had together.
My heart remembers.
It cries out in loneliness for you.
For the feelings you give me now.
Today, I’m happy that you have come.
When you leave -
my mind will not remember -
that you were here.
But my heart still remembers.
Remembers the feeling of warmth
and love returned.

Remembers that I am less lonely -
and happier today -
because you have come.
Please, please don’t forget me.
Please don’t stay away just
because of how my mind works.
I can still feel you.
I can still remember you with my heart.
A Memory of the heart is really -
the most important memory of all.

 (Original Author Unknown – named, revised and edited by Stan Berg 5/6/2008.)

 We completed the stables.  Ten of them.
When I return later this week, we'll add "the people".
I wonder if she'll remember they are Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus...


  1. Dear, dear Rebecca ~ My heart goes out to you, this must be so hard for you. I love it that you are creating these Nativity pieces together. It's loving, it's Christmasy, it's sharing, it's wonderful.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Bless your heart, Lorraine! These ARE gloriously agonizing days. I'm quite a bunch of tangled emotions right now. I KNOW you can relate.

  2. Your mom is blessed to have your love with her in such special and patient ways.....your a wonderful daughter..tangled emotions and all. I pray strength and endurance for you.....hugs Dee

    1. Thank you for praying for me, Dee. God has been/IS faithful!

  3. This is so touching. Prayers for you, Rebecca, as you honor your mother and your Lord.

    1. Isn't that poem/free verse(?) touching? Judging from Mother's actions and words, it MUST be how she feels.... Thank you for praying, Cheryl.

  4. My Mother in Law had Alzheimer's. It was a long goodbye. She had it for 15 years before she went to be with our Lord.
    I do understand your heart regarding your Mama; my prayers are for peace for you, your family, and your Mama. Love to you,

    1. Oh, Jackie! That WAS a long goodbye! That you for your prayers. I appreciate them so much.

    2. Always a privilege to pray, my friend.
      Take care of you.

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  6. These posts with your mama bless me.

  7. Wonderful post! Thank you for the poem to help me have patience when I am speaking to someone with memory challenges. I also loved the wonderful pictures of the craft. I will try some of those! Very kind of you to share these moments with the rest of us. Also the poem helped me remember the truth of body, soul, and spirit, and that God has made us three part beings. Our spirit is different than our mind, and our body. That is why our heart can "remember" when our mind can't. How touching and how true.

  8. This puts such a lump in my throat....
    Beautiful beautiful post and memories MADE.... God bless you sweet friend...

  9. It's so beautiful to have a peek into the care you give your mother. The thought of her heart remembering brought tears. Praying God will continue to give you strength.

  10. These are tender, sacred memories, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love this poem and the relationship you share with your mom.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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