Health - Beauty - Freedom

While visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago,
I noticed this piece of furniture lying upside down on the curb.
I stopped the car and hastily loaded it into the back seat.
 My husband and I worked together to repair, paint and wax it.
Then we found suitable knobs.
Since our house is already full, I decided to list it on a facebook garage sale site.
I was actually a bit sad when it sold quickly 
and left its temporary place in our living room.
Its renovation illustrated this tweet I came across recently:
 "As things are brought back under Christ's rule and authority, 
they are restored to health, beauty, and freedom."  (Tim Keller, twitter)
As I contemplate my 65th birthday coming up next month,
I'm thankful for the truth of this statement and challenged
to KEEP things...under His rule and authority 
and experience the health, beauty and freedom that comes from Him.


  1. Yes, I often feel the same. I buy stuff for resale and then have a hard time selling it! I'm getting ready to have a boutique sale at my house of needlework items I've made interspersed with "finds" like jewelry, glassware, etc. I am sentimental about selling some of the "finds."

    1. Oh, I can imagine, Lori! You have so much time invested in your needlework....


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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