Hell - Real and Final

Some of you may know that I have been on an intentional health/weight-loss journey since February 2012.  I am practicing what some call intermittent fasting - which is not NEARLY as difficult or austere as it sounds.  The Fast-5 lifestyle calls for eating within a 5 hour "window" each day while "fasting" the other 19.

On Fast-5's facebook page the other day, I posted that I was going to be paying attention to and  limiting the amount of sugary foods that had crept back into my "5".

Someone commented:  "Low carb and Fast 5 is easy.  High carb and Fast 5 is HELL!"

I couldn't let that go by.  I promptly responded:  "It would be nice if HELL was only 'high carb and fast 5'!  But that's another story...What I personally have liked is that Fast-5 is not exclusively high or low ANYthing.  (At least that is my understanding and experience this past year...)"
This snowy morning, I baked 6 raisin-bran muffins from the batter sitting in our refrigerator.  
We will enjoy them later.
 Carbs and all--thought I did cut the sugar back by about 1/2.
 But my heart is heavy for a society that flings the word "hell" around 
without any concept of its reality and finality.  
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  
John 3:16
Perishing.  That's what hell is.
Dying but never actually being able to die...with an ETERNAL death wish...
in the pain and pangs of death forever;
while those who have believed and received the gift of God's eternal life
live without another thought of death,
forever rejoicing in the presence of life's Creator and Sustainer!

Heaven is not the ONLY thing that"is for real"!


  1. Amen! Well said Rebecca.. Your muffins look wonderful - I'm going to have to make up some of that batter.

    1. Hi, sweet Ann! I hadn't made them for a long, long time....sure do ♥ 'em.

  2. Chilling and profound, Rebecca. I shudder to think of the way I lived before Christ. I even had a dream once of seeing my mother ascending stairs to heaven as I cried out for her while I descended into what appeared to be darkness, and I presume hell. Not long after, I gave my life to Christ.

    So do you only get to eat one meal a day then?

    1. We usually eat around 1:30 - a "regular" meal....then around 5:30 or 6:00 a snack - sandwich, fruit, etc. if hungry....

  3. You muffins looks so good this morning. Food is always a battle here...carbs and Crohn's rule here.

    1. Oh, they WERE good, Bookie. I'm sorry to hear about the Crohns...but personally don't think carbs are necessarily bad. I think they get a bad rap sometimes.

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    I read your comment you left me today. Yes I have read Embers latest posts, I do have your phone number, I sent you a text this afternoon but am not sure if you do texts. I will call you this week. I think we could start an intentional sisterhood, why not?? :)
    Blessings to you,


  5. I agree with what you just said about Hell. Scary that most people now days do not believe in Hell or Heaven.

  6. My hubs and I were just talking how easily people are throwing Biblical truth out the window. I agree with you.

  7. Oh so true! I'm thinking we'd see a lot more of the Ten Commandments posted, and a lot more public prayer, and a lot more godly TV programming if people realized the HUGE implication of accountability before God; the reality of Hell vs Reality TV.

    Wise words, my friend.

  8. Oh you are so right, Rebecca...so many words are tossed about carelessly. "Hell" is one which should never be euphemized or diminished in meaning!

    Another one that gets my goat is the total overuse of the word "awesome." I am sure that most people just use it in the new sense...but the true meaning of the word is "full of awe"...speechless in wonder...reverent. There are very few things that fall under this category.

    Good for you for responding!

  9. Truly, our language has become perverse. We call good things evil and evil things good...example: that's a really BAD looking ride! I dislike it when people say "I'm starving...or I'm dying...or you're killing me!" There are people starving, dying, and being killed. We are not them. Let's start being truthful in our speech! End of rant. Thanks for listening.


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