"Let Nothing Be Wasted"

Finally I got around to it--sorting through a stack of Christmas cards.
Some I folded to make note cards.
Others I kept because of their renditions of the story of Christ's birth.
These, I'm thinking, could occupy young minds and hands next Christmas season.
Assignment?  Arrange them in the correct sequence, etc.
THIS bunch (above) all had pictures of snowmen on them.
Large, medium and tiny.
I combined them and put in an envelope for our young grandson
who has a January birthday. 
(Do you see the $5 bill tucked into a slit in the top one?)
His assignment is to count them, pick out the largest, the smallest,
create a family of snowmen...and whatever ELSE his little mind may challenge him to do.
I cut out a few large words:  PEACE, JOY, JESUS.
I didn't cut out any more name tags for gifts.  
Still have a bunch from year before last.
I chuckle at myself doing this, but they are just too pretty to waste!

Besides, I remember the words of Jesus when giving instructions 
to His disciples to gather the food that remained after feeding the 5,000...
"Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted."
John 6:12

What do YOU do with Christmas cards from seasons past?


  1. I've always saved them Rebecca but never knew what to do with them. I recently saw on a T.V. show about turning them into gift tags. I loved that idea so I kept them out this year and will cut them out soon. Some of the pictures are so beautiful, I hate to waste them too!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Those are clever ideas....


  3. I have plastic zip bags that bed linens came in full of cards of all kinds because I am a true lover of the artwork on them. I recently started matting and framing some of my favorites and they make beautiful small pictures. Some I plan on hanging in groups for a gallery wall, others will go on bookshelves and corner tables on wooden easels.

  4. I actually saved a few out of this batch thinking of doing the same thing (finding a little frame)....

  5. I save every one, with hopes of doing something like note cards,but usually get busy and they are kept in place. I do enjoy going back and reading older cards. Thanksfor sharing.

  6. I have been thinking of framing my favorite one's....I also like your idea of saving them for the Grands and using them as note cards. I place mine in a handy spot and on occasion pick one out and pray for that person and their family.

  7. What good ideas! I keep all the photo cards and any that I think will be good for framing, then the rest go in recycling. Your kind of recycling is better. :)

  8. Rebecca, I put them on the kitchen table and each week pull one out of the box and remember them and their families in prayer for the week. I also send them a note card letting them know we are praying for them that week.

    Cindy Beck

    1. I like that - Cindy! Following up with a note card.....

  9. I could have used these last week in my children's church lesson . . . we made thank you cards to give to someone who gave us a gift at Christmas. It was suggested I use old Christmas cards, but alas, I didn't have any. You're right; there are some beautiful cards out there, and I hate to see them wasted. Great ideas here!


  10. I've been saving cards for quite a few years. This year I pulled out the ziplocks that held them and walked toward the waste basket. I had decided that I received enough every year without saving these any longer. I couldn't do it! They are filed away with the Christmas wrap again and will torment me next year. :) Maybe now that I have a grand on the way I'll be inspired to get creative..

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. We keep all them in a nice sized box....and use them for decoration if we should happen to have a *party* or get-together. I take pictures down from one wall and we tape cards up solid.......and when people walk in, they wonder if we got ALL of those in one season? They make a good background for pictures of people.


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