A Good Read & Tranquility

  • “The root of the cross is not justice, though its fruit be mercy, as you say. The root of the cross is love, and what is laid down is more than gold, it is blood, life: given not with the clink of dead metal, but with the groans of a many dying in agony…..That is more than justice…it is love.  Nor is it merely a just love.  It is a merciful love.”
  • “God loves me, even me; and though Satan parade my sins and weakness before me, yet am I saved by the love of God in Christ Jesus, from which nothing can separate me.”
  • “In my house we do not flog a man for loyalty, nor for love, however inadvisably expressed.  We treasure it.”
  • “There is no healing without hope.  Despair is life’s direst enemy.  Despair is living death.”
  • “For the moment they (the novices) are working well, praying devoutly, living contentedly.  No doubt trials and difficulties will assail them, but just now we have tranquility.”

  • Two vintage walnut bowls I couldn't resist at the thrift store yesterday...
     I despaired of copying all the lines of The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy that caught my attention and culled out my deeper contemplation.  These are just a few of them.  Add to them the story - two stories really - of the bond between a mother and her daughter and monks to their beloved Abbot and their God, and you have a story that will hold your attention from beginning to end.  Well, it certainly held MINE. I've placed a request for the book that follows this trilogy and can't wait until I receive notice that it has arrived at the closest library branch.

    Read the book, if you haven't already.  Visit the author, too.  I've traversed her entire blog and beyond and have found frequent inspiration and challenge. 

    My desire today is to live as the novices were - at least for the moment 
    ..."working well, praying devoutly, living contentedly."
    Isn't that the the essence of tranquility?


    1. I will let you do the reading for me!! I've been very busy in between surgeries trying to get the house good and clean. I'm having the second hand done next week then will have about three weeks recovery. Just in time for Thanksgiving Day, My favorite Holiday!!
      So any reading I do will be right here, it's my daily inspiration!! Love Di ♥

    2. I am reading the trilogy right now, at your suggestion, Janette's too. As for the bowls, they are gorgeous.

    3. It would be fun if we all lived closer to have a book club.... love the bowls.

    4. i loved the hawk and the dove but didn't
      know it was a trilogy. i have two more
      books to look forward to!

    5. So enjoyed hearing how you liked it. It is the only fiction book I have ever gotten my dad to read...he read it from cover to cover and just wept. I bought over 10 of them one year for different presents. I found her blog a while back and so enjoyed getting to know the author. Her new book is on my wish list from amazon...maybe I will get it for Christmas. Until then I need to read The Hawk and the Dove again. "Humble Pie" is on chapter that I replay in my head often. It was one of the top books recommended to home school moms at a conference years ago.

    6. Well the computer ate my first comment...
      I am so glad to hear you have enjoyed it. It is the only fiction book I have ever gotten my father to read...and he read it from cover to cover and wept. "Humble Pie" chapter comes back to memory often. It was one of the top books recommended at a home school conference years ago...and I devoured it. I haven't read her new one..it is on my wish list on amazon. I did discover her blog a while back and loved getting to know the author.

      Enjoyed your post on this..one of my most favorite books.

    7. It has been so long since I read The Hawk and the Dove. I may have to dig one up and reread it. I skipped over to her blog for a moment and saw a quote that must be copied.

      I love your quote about the devil parading our sins in front of us. My future son-in-law and I were talking Sunday about this topic. He will enjoy the quote, too.

    8. Hi Again,
      I have never even heard of that trilogy, but sounds fascinating.
      Am gonna have to check out that blog now................

      Thanks for telling us about it.
      blessings, Nellie


    Writing a Song a Week #3

    Writing a Song a Week #3
    ♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)