Fire in my Heart of Hearts

 After a busy day, my husband called me outside to warm by the fire
 he had kindled from limbs and branches that had fallen in recent winds and storms.
 I took my book out with me--The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy, by Penelope Wilcox.
I turned to my place in the the second chapter
of the second of three books combined in this one volume...
and just LOOK at the words that greeted me!
"Technology is man made and has no soul"
What followed these initial paragraphs were some of the most moving  and profound words
about the justice and mercy of God that I have read in a long time.
Punctuated by the flames, I read:
'It is true that God shapes the lives of men in the ways of justice, and that the righteous find expression of his Spirit in the paths of justice and of peace.  
But justice is a path, yes a way; it is not a home.  
It is a framework, or a setting, but it was made to carry another jewel.
Justice, like John the Baptist, is the forerunner,
clears the road, for the coming of the Christ himself.
And when he comes, he is compassion.
He is love...
Oh God forbid that our lives display the sterile correctness 
of men who have learned what justice is, but never tasted mercy.' 
 (Words of the beloved character, Father Peregrine)

I wiped away my tears of overwhelming realization of the mercy and love of God
that burned like a fire in my heart of hearts
and continued to the end of the amazing chapter.


  1. Great post, and so utterly real!

    I've been the beneficiary of God's purifying fires. I didn't much like it at the time, but I wouldn't trade if for anything now that I know how needful it was (and is).


  2. Love these words! God is so good to allow us moments like you experienced . . . moments of reassurance . . . moments when He seems to say, "I know right where you are!" I call them "God moments"!

  3. Purifying Fires are indeed uncomfortable to say the least. I want to Thank You for the Psalms suggestion and coming for a Blog Visit during my Melancholy Fit, it really helped me to regain some Balance of thought and Spirit, to get back into the Fruit of the Spirit even whilst dealing with a lot of Negative Energy and difficult people around me at the moment. I guess I'm particularly sensitive to a Negative Atmosphere and given a choice I would always prefer a Positive Atmosphere and people being nice... but alas, in Life, we sometimes have to deal with the unlovely and negative situations and people and there is no choice. I do find that it reveals more about me than them really... my tolerance level could improve... and rather than just thinking about the injustice of it all, my Mercy towards them and/or the situation to be more Godly. Still a Work in progress... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. That is my MOST favorite book ever!!!!!!!!!! In fact I found the author's blog and she had a new book coming out last summer.

    Your fire looks I need to go get that book, I need it again in this season of life...thanks for sharing.

    1. I found it in our public library....It IS so good.

  5. OK now you and Janette are making me want to read this book..or perhaps the whole trilogy! Hope they are in my library too. I got goose bumps just reading what you wrote about your revelation, Rebecca.

  6. Good morning dear friend!
    This book; series... sounds amazing!
    The bonfire photo... and then the words in the book.................
    !!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!! I just love when things like this happen!
    God's good!! xoxo

  7. I am putting this book on my list. I love a fire in the evening. It was just too hot all summer to have one. It is so nice to finally have cooler evenings but now the man is in the fields. I am planning on just as soon as harvest is finished!

    1. Janie, I wish you and the man a safe and plentiful harvest and many cool evenings to enjoy fires when it's over :)

  8. A very warm coincidence wouldn't you say? It really warms one's heart.
    Love Di ♥

    1. Warm indeed! And it warms me to see your pretty face, Di!

  9. I love moments like this....thank you for sharing yours so beautifully.

  10. I really enjoy Penelope's books, she has a way with words, and really draws the reader in while nourishing their soul with the goodness of God.

    1. And I have YOU to thank for introducing me to her :)

  11. A God-thing. So special when He plans them just for us. I've downloaded the trilogy to read.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)