Get Ye Together

Being around a great group of Creative Souls is the key to Igniting one's own Creativity and bouncing Ideas and Visions off of one another... to Encourage, Inspire, Mentor and Uplift... so that we can all saturate the World with even more Beauty and Positive Energies!!!   And though those things will often be different and deeply Personal for each of us... for some of us there will be a Kindred Spirit of Loving Similar objects and Styling in Similar ways and so we'll gravitate towards one another in a Magnetic and Effortless way... Like Minded Souls being brought together through the Laws of Attraction. (Dawn, from Bohemian Valhalla) 

Dawn's prose (which is more like poetry to me) struck a chord with me this morning.   Her blog posts are jam packed with visual stimuli and stand on their own in that sense.  But this particular commentary jumped off the page at me!.  These words were almost  a paraphrase of Biblical truths about the Church--meaning the people who make up the Church.  If it's true of Creative Souls, how much more is it true of those in whom the Holy Spirit of  the Original Creative One dwells?!?

Whenever we (the Church) gather, whether on Sunday mornings or in small groups throughout the week, we should be "igniting" one another.  Encouraging, inspiring, mentoring, and uplifting each other so that we can all "saturate the World".  We have so much more to offer than Beauty and Positive Energies--although our Lord IS beautiful and the power of  Living and Written Word of God IS "positive energy"--just not in the sense that the world uses the term....

And how true that things will be different and deeply personal for each of us...yet we gravitate towards one another in a Magnetic ad Effortless way through the shared bond of the Holy Spirit who is the ULTIMATE "Law of Attraction".  THINK about it!  And get ye together with one another!  And "more so" as the Day approaches!

Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], 
as is the habit of some people, 
but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, 
 and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25)
Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ,
if any confort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, 
if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete
by being like-minded, having the same love,
being one in spirit and of one mind.  (Philippians 2:1,2)


  1. I love being with and talking with other believers...there is an actual physical reaction within my spirit. ♥ Ignited is the perfect word to describe it. :)

  2. very good analogy! So looking forward to being at church tomorrow since I was sick last weekend and missed.

  3. It's true. There are those who ignite me just by their nearness. It's those who study and love and obey the Word through which I can feel the warmth of the flame.

  4. I really like what Dawn had to say, it really is true isn't it, when we are around others who are excited about the same things we are it builds us all up. It is always good to be around other believers and have conversation and fellowship that is edifying for the soul.

  5. It's a good feeling to be among our brothers and sisters in Christ. The common bond is most definitely felt. Love Di ♥

  6. Powerful thought! I need to be with God's people, more so than what I have. I've been swamped with my life this week; homeschooling swept over me with a force I wasn't expecting. I need to plan time to be with creative people so that I might be challenged and strengthened to grow and become.

    Great post.


  7. Morning well, actually it is afteroon,
    Can not believe it is already 12:06............I am in shock!! Where did the morning go??? lol
    This post is very good and the analogy is perfect. Yep, nothing like spending time with our christian brothers and sisters, as it indeed does energize and
    encourage us, and helps us to rightly divide the word of God. I think it is also very encouraging and energizing as we use our spiritual gifts. Hubby and I were just talking about that last week about how energized we both are when we teach together. I am also encouraged and energized by using the talents that God has given me as well. Soooooooooo the end with God is good, it is very good!

    Still haven't heard anything about our care yet today, so gonna call in a bit. Yea, I agree with you about the cars.........ours are old too, in fact,
    our van is 19 years old and still going, but leaks oil, and goes thru transmission fluid pretty quickly, lol........... we were hoping to replace it soon with a new to us, used car, now we are concerned we might be
    replacing our newer car, which is about 11 or so years old instead. We shall see what the Lord has in mind. but you are so right about the repair bills,
    way less that car payments..........we like to avoid that too!

    The thing with the rest from the dishwashing and using paper plates...........the key to that is making some meals ahead
    of time and cooking things in aluminum foil so you don't have to use pans. You can also use paper cups as well. I don't do it often but when I have a lot to get accomplished in a short period of time, it is a huge blessing.

    and yes we are incredibly blessed to be able to spend so much time with our
    kids especially for all our birthdays and holidays. We never ever anticipated
    this............but we are beyond thrilled over it.

    Well, sweetie,
    You have a marvelous day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. We love our small group! "Doing life" with them adds such a rich dimension that we'd miss terribly if they weren't in our lives. It's been a big part of our life since the early 2000s when so many churches were seeing the benefit of having them.

    Just yesterday we got together for a summer BBQ, fellowship & a rousing game of Farkle. Oh my goodness ... my face hurts from laughing.


  9. I've often thought about how "like-minded" people seem to gravitate towards one another, and now I'm noticing how "like-minded-SOULS" gravitate towards one another too! Such a Blessing!
    And this post has Blessed me too!
    Love and Prayers,


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)