Carry In - Carry Out

 These pictures are misleading...
because although the spinach salad was hands down 
the best-ever-spinach-salad I've ever eaten...
 the curried chicken salad flavorful and relatively healthy...
the fruit combination refreshing...
and the guacamole (served with chips) over-the-moon delicious,
these weren't the BEST part of the Ladies' Home Connection yesterday!
No.  First there were the ladies themselves--
each with her own "flavor".
There was the simple and gracious hospitality of our hostess,
the time of honest sharing of personal concerns and prayer,
and the Word.  God's Word.  
John's Gospel, chapter 1, specifically.
I was particularly impacted by the invitation of Jesus to the two followers
(and to me), "Come, and you will see!" 
An invitation to personal and life-changing intimacy with Jesus!
We all carried IN food for the body, 
but we carried OUT  fresh insight, joy, and food for thought.

 "We don't want to just be informed by Your Word; 
we want to be infiltrated and inflamed." Gerhardt duToit

 Since my recipe tab/page disappeared (?????), I'm trying to rebuild it.
What's YOUR favorite carry-in dish?


  1. Food looks great. It would be hard to pick one dish because everybody does their absolute best effort at carry in events and some people would be thrown out if they didn't bring a dish they are famous for. I always have to bring baked beans to our family gatherings and at Christmas I have to bring chocolate and butterscotch pies. My sister-in-law always brings that 7-layer salad which is great. Those party meatballs are always a hit. I love broccoli salad. I better quit. I am getting hungry :-)

    1. Wow! You've listed some of my favorites. The small group I posted about meets every 2 weeks. We vary the menu & sometimes just bring what we choose. Somehow it always works out beautifully.

  2. The food all looks so wonderful! But my favorite was the quote! Beautiful!

    Sorry I haven't been around, things are a whirlwind here. Lots of good, some not-so-good, but I see God's Guidance in it all, so I'm content.

    Love and Prayers,

    1. You know you're missed when you're not "around"....It's always good to hear from you. And I'm so glad you see God's hand in it all. Contentment is better than ANYthing. :)

  3. Yes, yes! Looove the quote! The food looks delicious. Wish you had the recipes for the spinach salad and guacamole. Looks like just spinach, strawberries and mandarin oranges? Any secret ingredients in that salad?

    1. Sandy, there were walnuts in it and feta cheese alongside. I think the dressing was the secret. 3 T. apple juice & 2 T each of balsamic vinegar and strawberry preserves! She said the recipe called for chicken, too (but since were were having the chicken salad, she didn't add it). So the dressing included the chicken "drippings". Instead, she added some olive oil. And she doubled the recipe for this salad.

    2. Ohhh, thanks, Rebecca! Think hubby and I need this for dinner tomorrow!

  4. That fruit salad caught my eye..yum.

    1. I think she must have been stirring it up when I took the picture :) Thus the clumps of marshmallows on the top.

  5. What a great gathering of like-minded Souls... and yes, Food for the Spirit is always the most nourishing! Thanks for stopping by with Prayers and sweet words, it means more than you know that the Wonderful Community here in the Land of Blog connects and uplifts each other during the trials of Life while we're waiting on the Lord. His timing is perfect, but whilst I wait its always refreshing to have some folks with skin on to understand and hold things up in Prayer. Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Nice post! So true. You probably have guessed that my usual "take in" is pie...I love making pies and it's something that many people don't do from scratch so it's usually a hit :)

  7. I bring Four Part Hominy...........very few people I know will dare buy a can, but they all like my recipe.

    can of white hominy
    can of yellow hominy
    can Ro-tel
    sour cream or cream cheese

    Heat in a glass dish in microwave.

    Four parts to this harmony............

  8. du Truit's quote jumped off the page and into my heart. Infiltrated and infused. That's what I want my love and study of the Word to do for me.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)