Stopping at Intersections

How would HE "come to me"?
That is the question I woke up with this morning.
It would have been travel day to my Quiet Retreat
had I not cancelled my reservation due to circumstances.
I started with a cup of coffee and a check of facebook and blog responses.
There it was.  Tamara's comment on my prior post:
 Love the picture with the rainbow. 
It appears to be intersecting with the cross... ok, ok... it's a telephone pole, but...
I scrolled up to the picture to see what she was referring to.
How had I missed it?!
Looking closer, I noticed the stop sign right at the "foot" of the "cross".
Oh, He CAME to me all right.
And on the cross, God demonstrated His love 
and consummated His promise!
The cross and the promise INTERSECTED!
While my friends travel without me to Gethsemane today, 
I'll be stopping right here to contemplate and celebrate
the cross and the promises,
and to celebrate the friend - Tamara - whose observation 
"brought" Him to me so uniquely.
Maybe, just maybe, He'll use me to shed a ray of light
into someone else's life today...

  "We don't need to retire to the desert to meet with God. 
He can come to us at our ordinary duties."
 (A. Bonar)


  1. Precious!
    And if we obey the "Stop" signs in life and PRAY, we won't miss His atoning sacrifice or His promises.
    Praising our Very Good GOD with you!

  2. Don't you just love it when things like this come our way?

  3. Love this post...and love Tamara, too.

  4. What a wonderful blessing her observation was. Loved this Rebecca!

  5. A profound picture that speaks a message all its own; however, I might have missed it as well if not pointed out to me. Thank you!



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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