Anything to Forget

I'll post ANYTHING to forget the last one I posted! 
For instance...
 I'd like to sell this jar of marbles.  $5. 00 would take it.
 My husband cleaned up this brass umbrella/walking stick holder for me this week.
 After enjoying Elizabeth and her German Garden,  I ordered these two by the same author.
 They came in this week and I'm currently reading the top one.
 This morning I lopped off the flowering heads of our Lamb's Ear.  It gets straggly fast!
 THIS is a project my husband finished this week - a garage sale purchase from last Saturday.
I'm THRILLED with how it came out.

We have no big plans for the holiday weekend.
We're not big griller-outers,
don't have a lake cottage (yet),
but DO look forward to Youth Sunday at our church,
sharing dinner with my parents afterward,
and a visit and desserts with some cousins I haven't seen for a long time
who will be dropping by later that afternoon...
How about you? 

 Our only business is to love and delight ourselves in God.
(Brother Lawrence)


  1. I don't blame you for wanting to forget the last post. heehee shewwwy! Tossin you my can of febreeze chicky! lol
    Guess what? I too have Elizabeth and her German garden! It is sooooo delightful! What do you think of the other books? Ohmygoodness... are they as good? I hope so! Isn't it fun to find a good OLD READ?!!! Especially with gardening in the title!!
    Hope yall have fun this weekend!
    Whats for dessert?!!!

    1. Lea, Maybe I learned about E. & her German Garden from you?!? I couldn't remember which blogging friend mentioned it.

      Dessert? Neiman-Marcus Brownies! Yum.

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I ordered Elizabeth and her German Garden (audio disc)from the library and am thoroughly enjoying listening to it. My computer wont load your page fully so I can't see the other books by her, but I am going to look to see if the library has more.
    Have a great weekend ~ whatever you do! My hubby starts vacation tomorrow but have no plans yet. If the weather cooperates we may go camping somewhere close by. Or just stay home and get things done (most likely to happen!)

  3. Going to fetch my granddog tomorrow to help out a son who has to work out of state. Love this dog! She is easier than the grandkids...eats anything I suggest, like seeing me read books, and goes to bed when I tell her. Ha, ha! A quiet weekend otherwise....enjoy yourselfthe next few days.

  4. I had no idea that Lamb's Ear flowered! I just bought a new one because Jake accidently killed the one from my mother, long story. They look so pretty!
    We don't have plans either Rebecca. Although I did buy more dirt, plants and mulch today, HeHeHeHe!!!!
    It will probably be too hot to play outside. We'll see. Have a great weekend. Love Di ♥

  5. Your last post was pretty stinky...LOL... I like Your umbrella/walking stick holder. Frank and I will be staying is suppose to be in the 90's...good to stay home out if the heat ant the traffic.

  6. I love the brass umbrella holder, gorgeous!! The weather here is like 90 too, and I'd rather stay with the girls inside with air condition. Thank you lovely lady for your prayers and good wishes for our Sil. Thank you too for the wonderful comments on my new post at Sofia's house.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  7. I don't need the marbles.
    I know where ALL of mine are.
    I don't own an umbrella.
    Isn't it fun to find GOOD books to read!
    I have tried Lamb's Ear and Dusty Miller in my gardens, but I think it is just too humid here. Yours are beautiful.
    The file cabinet is VERY nice. Good job.

    1. You're hilarious! (You've apparently "lost your marbles"????) I own an umbrella but am not sure where it is. And yes, it IS fun to find GOOD books to read.

      We're enjoying the file cabinet - right next to "his" side of the bed. With a lamp on it.

  8. Where did you find Elizabeth and her German Garden? I've been wanting a copy too.

  9. Brenda, I don't OWN a copy. I borrowed it from our library. I would LIKE to own a copy!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)