"Wove and Mawwage"

Our friends...
 Earlier this week, we joined 13 other people around the table to celebrate
the 50th wedding anniversary of our friends.
They plan to host similar evenings over a period of a few weeks
in lieu of one big celebration.
I think it was a STELLAR idea!
We, the guests, carried in the food.
We were asked to bring a wedding picture or two. 
I took our album.  I haven't had it out for a LONG time.
 June 5, 1971
I "wove" this man!
I also believe I had a wonderful photographer - though I didn't
realize how important that would be at the time.
"Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today. Wove, twue wove...
So tweasure your woves forever."
(from The Princess Bride)
Would you believe I've never seen this movie?  But I HAVE heard this line.
Many times!


  1. Love your photos!

    Laughing that you have those lines so down pat and yet have never seen the movie!

    You should watch it - so fun!


  2. You have GOT to see the movie. It is one of our favorite. I read somewhere that it is one of the most quoted movies of all time!

  3. I have never seen that movie either. ow it is going to be on my list. Great photos! And the cake looks delicious ;)

  4. What a great idea to have celebrations for couples! I think this is a wonderful idea, too, Rebecca.
    You and your husband are indeed a beautiful couple.

  5. You were such a pretty,sweet and tiny bride with a very handsome groom. ♥

  6. All my boys LOVE "The Princess Bride"! You are a beautiful bride!!! A true love relationship is a beautiful gift to hand down to your children!

  7. Well I had to switch to Google Chrome to get here, but here I am!! As I said on Facebook Rebecca. I love your wedding photos. You look so beautiful and I'd like to see more!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    Very nice post. Congratulations to your friends on 50 years of marriage, that is great............
    What a great idea to do a number of small get togethers as a celebration, that way you really get to spend quality time with
    those that attend. I have to say I like small parties best.....
    Cause I am a one on oner and a quality time person...........not
    a crowd person.
    Liked seeing your wedding pictures, you were a beautiful bride with you handsome prince. Such fun to look back at our pics,
    altho by todays standards and changes they look almost laughably
    funny, still precious to us.

    Hope you are well my friend,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  9. Happy 50th to the Anniversary couple! And I loved seeing your wedding photos.
    Doesn't seem that long ago, does it? Where does the time go???
    Ray & I were married two years after you. I look at our pictures and I think we were such babies!

    You were a nice looking couple then and you are a nice looking couple today! And more important you seem to be a perfect fit!

    'Love the idea your friends had for a few get-togethers rather than a big bash. And I love their idea for everyone to bring their wedding pictures!

    Love and Prayers,

  10. Aww! Sooo cute!
    I quote from that movie all the time, yet I've never watched it.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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