Wrapped Up in Love

Let me be clear. 
I have not wrapped ONE Christmas gift yet.
But when it comes to wrapping, 
I'm pretty sure I'll use one or more of the ideas
that I saw HERE this morning--
very likely one involving plain brown paper.
 I recommend this post highly if you need some gift-wrapping inspiration!

And now, the words to a song--one of my favorite Christmas ones...
Do YOU remember Evie singing it years ago?  
I have a Christmas birthday, and I would like this Christmas song
sung or played at my funeral (if Jesus doesn't come before I die)...
Just look at the last 8 lines!  And look at Him!  Worship and Honor Him today!

Special Delivery
click on title to hear it
Never was anyone like Him, 
never will one be the same
Tiny babe, an Infant King, Savior, 
we worship and honor the power of His name.
He came special delivery, wrapped up in love
bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, 
you knew where He was goin', by the look on His face

Where He went, Love was there also, 
where He was, Love showed the way
Those who saw, knew He was holy, 
and I see what they saw to this very day

And when I'm called I will go gladly, 
I will not grieve for the past
For I know where I'll be going, 
and I will be going to see Him at last.

I'm goin' special delivery, wrapped up in love
bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace, 
you know where I am goin', by the look on my face.


  1. I have not wrapped one gift either and we have 3 birthdays too. They are also unwrapped. It will be all wrapped. Elves are coming. Well I can wish.
    I adore Christmas music too. I love love O Holy Night. My good friend from college died several years ago from cancer. She died in October but she still had O Holy Night played at her funeral. I plan to do the same.
    A Christmas birthday. Did you love it or did you hate it as a kid? I have always made an effort with the girls to not wrap their birthday gifts in Christmas paper.

  2. We had this song on a record when I was a kid (Gaithers, maybe?). It's got a great message. Thank you for this reminder.

    So 'heart and soul' stirring! 'Really brought tears to my eyes reading it.
    I love it!

    And I think it's wonderful to have been born on Christmas!
    Love and Prayers,

  4. I do remember Evie and that song! What a wonderful promise!

    I am nearly done with my wrapping!


  5. Love the newspaper idea... have used the brown paper idea before with rafia ribbon. Very cute!


  6. I LOVE the song! I listened to her music the first year I was saved so her music takes me WAY back! It will be a nice song to think on today.
    I am almost UN-inspirable when it comes to wrapping presents...........

  7. I DO remember this song by Evie! Happy, Peaceful Christmas and Birthday, dear one.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)