One of the few downsides of not hosting a thanksgiving event is the lack of leftovers.
It's actually a pretty BIG downside for me!
I really do like cold turkey sandwiches and cold stuffing/dressing, too.
That's right.  Cold stuffing/dressing.
Oh, well.  Instead of food, I have memories.
Beautiful tableware - even paper dessert plates,
turkey place holders made by one of my granddaughters for
LAST year's dinner (she forgot to bring them then, 
so we used some of them at brunch today).
and music - always an important part of our gathering.
"For the beauty of the earth....Lord of all to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise."
What's YOUR favorite Thanksgiving Day leftover?


  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving dearest Rebecca, which makes me happy to know. I also love the cold turkey sandwichs too and dessert left over too, yummy! There's no Thanksgiving around here, so tomorrow we'll be going for Thanksgiving lunch celebration to our American friend Lesly's, she's married to a friend of hubby's too, so she cooks heavenly and we'll take wine and cookies. We'll spend the day there, about 40 people and we have sandiches for hight tea, or coffee, therefore, no dinner anymore! Can't wait!
    Lots of blessings for you and yours. FABBY

  2. I agree...memories are the most important leftover from Thanksgiving, but food wise, dressing and candied sweet potatoes are my favorite leftovers, Rebecca...though I do warm them up a bit! : )

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving leftover would be pie, if we could manage to save any for the following day :) :) Next up would be turkey :) :) We have LOTS of turkey leftover. I'm trying to think of ways to eat it all up before it goes bad. Have a great week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. You are a gal after my own heart! I told my husband last night that even though I loved having our son and his new wife and one of our dearest friends from New York here for dinner, we have no turkey leftover. I LOVE cold turkey sandwiches! Oh well, that just means I will have a good excuse to get another turkey for our Christmas dinner and this time I'll get a larger one so I can get at least one sandwich!

  5. aww the pie, the rolls, the noodles. I have none of those. My waist thanks me.

  6. I had dinner at my place this year and I actually cooked two turkey breasts in addition to the Turkey so EVERYONE had left overs! For me, it all taste better the second day! I wanted to make sure my busy daughters and their families had enough for the day after too.
    My favorite leftover is a cold turkey sandwich!

  7. I was at friends' and I've got no leftovers, either. I do have over a pound of fresh cranberries and I will make another batch of cranberry relish.

  8. How is it that, year-after-year, forget how much work goes into the Thanksgiving Day fare? It's work well spent, though. I love watching the family ooh & ahh over their favorite foods, selecting quantities of this & that in direct proportion to their chosen delight(s).

    This year our oldest son donned his Celtic Kilt & played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes for our pre-dinner prayer. I'm thinking it's my newest favorite tradition. I pray it becomes a family favorite for all such future giving of thanks.


  9. I do love hosting the holiday dinners, and we did have leftovers (except stuffing!!). However I would truly love it one year if someone would invite us over for dinner and I could experience sitting down to someone else's table without all the work and responsibility. I'd gladly give up leftovers for that just once!! Just ONCE I said. LOL

  10. Glad your holiday was lovely! Thanks for your kind comment about my tablescape!

  11. Rebecca, I enjoyed reading several of your latest posts. It's been a while since I was last here, and it was good to catch up on your Thanksgiving posts. Lovely pictures of the grandchildren... as well as the Thanksgiving Day meal with your husband's family.

    Thank you for visiting my blog - the song you mentioned is what I actually had in mind when I wrote the title for my blog... but I guess I had the words mixed up... and after putting in the title, I just hit "publish." But yes, that song is indeed a beautiful one, and as the year is about to end, the message that speaks to my heart is "Trust His heart."

    Wow, this year has gone by so quickly! It seemed only a few months ago when I was reading about last year's Thanksgiving dinner that you hosted at your home, and now another Thanksgiving has come to an end!

    Praying God's continued blessings on you and your loved ones!


  12. Well, we always go my husband's parents. We never have left-overs, so when we got home, we purchased a turkey breast (very cheap) and cooked it tonight! We'll have turkey sandwiches for days to come.


  13. dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy. I could eat it for 4th of July AND Valentine's Day!!

  14. I love your beautiful paper plates with a verse of scripture from the Psalms...and expression of thanksgiving to the Giver Himself!

    And I don't meet too many people like me who like stuffing so much that they can eat it cold! Yum! Want to hear a sad story? My daughter made delicious stuffing, and there was lots leftover. Then on Saturday night, I dug through the refrigerator to get a scrap of turkey for my cat...and left the bowl of stuffing sitting on the counter all night long. ~whimper~ What a waste!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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