Prone to Hyperbole

My husband.  A mighty good man...
Don't talk bad about your husband.
To anyone.
While reading comments to one of my recent posts, a new "country" was heard from!  I immediately went to her site to explore. That's where I found these words - put just this way.

When I went to comment, I was going to say "This is the best advice I've ever heard."  I stopped short of it, realizing how prone to hyperbole* I am. I didn't take the time to think of  what other pieces of advice might be "gooder" than this, but one came to my mind--"Come to Jesus and live" (or its equivalent).

Not talking bad about your husband.  To anyone. Ever. is still right up toward the very top of my list of good advice.   

What would YOU put "up there"?
Are YOU sometimes prone to hyperbole - or is it just me?

*Hyperbole according to the American Heritage Dictionary:  A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton. (This definition added for Janette!)

OH, MY!  Brenda's comment below is an important and
necessary disclaimer.  (My marriage is far from perfect,
but good enough that it didn't even enter my head to make an 
exception clause! )  Thanks, Brenda.  I DO agree.


  1. I was given that advice when I was first married by someone who had been married only five years more than I. I have tried to stick to it...not always successful, but I hope to some degree I have keep that advice.


  2. Janette, I went back and defined it. (I've always liked that word - but then I loved anything related to the subject of "English". Remeber simile and metaphor???)

  3. Being an English teacher, I certainly remember those terms. :)) One of my favorites is 'onomatopoeia.'
    A recent hyperbole of mine: "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard." Then, I read the latest news.....

  4. Oh, yes, Jackie! Thanks for reminding me about "onomatopoeia". I felt so enlightened when I first learned (and could pronounce) that word.

  5. .......what a timely blog post from you, to ME...........

  6. Gary is looking good--and young. You are both doing great.

    Yes, I agree with that advice--especially for good marriages--especially for when I am tempted to grumble about something a little irritating. My hubby has lots more reasons to grumble about me and he is so good. Love does cover a multitude of sins.

    Of course there are exceptions to everything and if a wife is in physical danger or in fear then it is good to talk. A few of "my" single moms tell me the loneliest and most desperate times in their lives were when they did not admit to anyone what was going on in their homes.

  7. I think I may use it...just a a certain column...


    And thanks for your name ideas! I'm so tickled to hear from all of you.

    Waving and grinning,


  8. Great Post Rebecca!! I loved Brenda's response, and so agree!

  9. My brain hurts from trying to figure out what it means, which probably means I use it frequently!

    But great advice. Can I talk about him to his face:)?


  10. This advice has been handed down for several generations in the Cessna family. I have heard it from have my children. I'm guilty of Hyperbole...think I need to work on that a bit.

  11. Morning Rebecca,
    I wholeheartedly agree with that advice and I would add a bit to it, don't every say anything bad about your husband if it is your intention to just put him down, make him look bad to others or because you are momentarily angry with him. God is looking at the motivation of our hearts, and sometimes a lady might need to ask for counsel about a situation, and in doing so she might just have to share a bad side of her hubby.
    I definitely use hyperbole at times.........
    but I have learned from teaching marriage classes that it is never good to use fighting words like you always, or you never and so forth, so it has made me think aobut that in my
    everyday speech in some ways, I think we use
    hyperbole because it just helps to show our emotion or how much we dislike or like something.
    Thought provoking post my friend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  12. um...can you be Italian and never use hyperbole?

    This is an area I try to be very conscious of...It tells a lot about the strength of a marriage and the character of the women involved doesn't it?


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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