Grandmas of a Certain Age

I wish you could have seen me on the 
caged ferris wheel with my granddaughter!
I'd worn a hat to cover my tired hair.
By the time the ride was over and we had ridden upside down
a few times too many,
my hat was under the seat.
I retrieved it as I left the cage
but it was difficult to retrieve my dignity.
I hope I never see the ferris wheel operator again!
(I should have known there was a reason
children who didn't meet a certain height indicator couldn't ride alone.
I'm thinking the height restriction ought to be expanded
to protect grandmas of a certain age!)
Next morning, Grandpa and another granddaughter walked the entire 
wet parade route passing out Hershey Hugs
and information about our church's heart and ministry.
We'll ALL be back to normal after a
Sunday afternoon nap!
Two other "grands" walk with friend, Carol.
I'm so thankful there is not an age or height requirement
to come to Jesus!  He welcomes the "little ones"
in-betweeners, the old and infirm.
"Then the Lord will save everyone who asks for his help." Acts 2:21


  1. Oh, My!

    I don't think I would have like that ride either!

    Have a great Sunday - I like your statement that their is no age or height requirement to come to Jesus!


  2. You are so funny! And a real trooper Rebecca. I would have gone too. Hope you all get your Sunday afternoon nap. Love Di ♥

  3. Amazing grandparents you both are. I love my them beyond words. I read each word with pleasure....knowing that you all had a great time. Warm hugs to you, Rebecca.

  4. This made me are *brave*...I betcha she never will forget this precious memory!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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