God, Bless America

...a mug found at a thrift store
11 Rescue me and deliver me
from the power of strangers,
      whose mouths speak lies,
      and whose strong hand
      is a strong hand of deception,
 12 so that[a] our sons can grow up fully,
   in their youth, like plants;
   so that our daughters can be like pillars carved to decorate a palace;
 13 so that our barns can be full,
   providing all kinds of food;
   so that our flocks can be
   in the thousands—
      even tens of thousands—in our fields;
 14 so that our cattle can be loaded
   with calves;
   so that there won’t be any breach
   in the walls,
   no exile, no outcries in our streets!
15 The people who have it like this
are truly happy!
   The people whose God is the LORD
   are truly happy! 
(From Psalm 144, Common English Bible)


  1. Morning Rebecca,
    Amen and Amen! How true that is.............

    Wanted to come by and wish you a Happy Independence Day my friend,
    Hope you have a great time of Celebration......
    Blessings Abundant, Nellie

  2. Stopping by to wish you a very happy Fourth of July celebration.

  3. Nothing beats the pure Word of our God
    for bringing joy and comfort to the
    Hope you and Gary have a wonderful 4th!

  4. I wish our country still trusted God! Nice mug:)

  5. Very well written post.The power of God is supreme.His love is endless.
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