Humble Duties

Yes.  That's my sink.  Clean dishes waiting to be put away.

Attention to humble duties is a better sign of grace than an ambition for lofty and elevated works...
The humbler graces and duties are the best tests. Hypocrites mimic all public duties, but the private and concealed life of true godliness they cannot counterfeit.
(See the rest of this Spurgeon quote HERE.)

Some observations about a few of the humble duties around MY house:
  • They are repetitive duties.
  • They are mindless duties (requiring little thought to do them)
  • They pile up if not done consistently.
  • Piling up is easier than CATCHING up!
  • They aren't "fun".
  • They take time.
  • They don't take care of themselves.
  • They are easy to put off.
BUT the Charles Spurgeon quote above has given me a fresh perspective on a few of the chores that are necessary to maintain a relatively clean and smooth-running household.  I see them as opportunities to experience AND demonstrate the grace of God to the only audience that really matters--the Heavenly Father Himself.  Attention to these is more important than to have ambitions for "lofty and elevated works"!  I want to wear my "sign of grace" well.


  1. Maybe being sick these few days will remind me to be thankful for my humble duties.....and doing them is better than being on the couch feeling horrible.

  2. You must have seen my mental battle with the vacuum cleaner today. And yes, it did win. :)

  3. Wonderful post, Rebecca. We discontinued television services, but are now subscribing to NetFlix online. I watched a documentary on the Shakers the other night, so your blog somewhat reminds me of it: Hands to work - Hearts to God. It seemed that everything they did was with simplistic reverence.

  4. I adore Charles' writings..I had read that one before and underlined it in my book!!!

  5. I do enjoy coming here and reading what is on your heart. Your such a blessing...needed to say

  6. Well said... It is so easy to get behind on the mundane things in our homes. But it feels so great to look around and see things as they should be. Keeps me from letting it go too much.

  7. I like that! Such a healthy perspective of the "little stuff" and the importance of being faithful in small things.

    Rhonda Schrock

  8. And so through Charles Spurgeon via you, God is speaking to me. I've had a hard time today. My husband came home from work and reminded that I always get this way when summer begins. Living right smack dab in the middle of town when the days get warmer and longer, I seem to be inundated with telephone calls and drop in visitors. I actually find myself considering hiding in order to get anything done. I have a hard time communicating the important work that I need to get done when it's the mundane.

    I hear what you're saying sister (and brother Charles), but what to do about it?

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. I needed that! I think of the Scripture that tells us that whatever we're doing, we're to do it heartily as if we're doing it for the Lord. I sometimes forget that. Confession is good for the soul!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful reminder that all we do should be done for God's glory. I really like that quote and am going to post it on my blog also!

  11. I see this attitude reflected over and over again in your study of Proverbs. Attention to the small details, blessing our family and Lord as we go. There have been many occasions in recent days when your very thoughts on the matter have moved me to action, sister.

    For the record, I'm a dishwasher and mostly love doing it. It's one chore where I can see immediate accomplishment.



Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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