Musings on a Mug

I selected this mug for my friend yesterday when she came over to chat and pray and share a cup of coffee.
She said she had a tin with the same design on top of her refrigerator!  
I have too many mugs.  Can't resist a unique or attractive one when I see them for a nickle at the thrift store.
(Sometimes I use them in place of a greeting card...)
I happily gave THIS one to my friend.
The quotation on it is a good one..."If you pray for rain, be prepared to deal with some mud."
We're dealing with some mud right now.  It IS raining!
I had to make my own coffee this morning.  It isn't as good as when my husband makes it.
I'm going to meet a young woman at the coffee shop later today.  She has expressed an interested in being "mentored".  We're going to explore this possibility.  I haven't seen her since I French-braided her hair before school on many occasions almost 20 years ago! 
Coffee plays a varied and interesting role in my life...
Do YOU coffee?


  1. This is sort of funny to me Rebecca as I lost my favorite coffee mug yesterday. I used it for tea and washed it. Always leave it on the counter. Then all of a sudden it disappeared! I ended up finding it hidden behind the coffee pot this morning! Mmmm, how did that happen? I won't venture a guess as I could be wrong!
    I love when my husband makes coffee when he's home. It does taste better so it is a treat for me a couple of times a month.
    Lately I have found myself having coffe in the afternoon as well. I'm starting to feel more and more like my mother and grandmother, LOL!
    I hope your coffee date goes well today. Hopefully the rain will end soon and we will see sunny skies once again! Love Di ♥

  2. I love your post. I too have so many mugs. I have used some as gifts.
    I love coffee but usually don't have any until I get to work. Last week when I was visiting my daughters in Georgia her morning coffee made way up the vent in the room that I was sleeping. I would get up immediately pour me a cup and spent time visiting with my oldest daughter Jennifer.


  3. That's an adorable mug! And I have way too many too!
    'So sweet of you to hand it off to your friend.

    I drink way too much coffee and I'm trying to cut down to four cups a day.

    I will say a prayer to the Holy Spirit that things work out in good favor for your friend.
    Love and Prayers,

  4. At one time we were getting mugs for gifts for every birthday! We had to kindly more!
    My husband makes the coffee every morning, it's such a treat and I never take it for granted.
    I usually only have a cup in the morning, but if I go out to eat, I will sometimes have a cup with my meal. I do love iced coffee, do you?

  5. Pat, I don't need anymore either - but occasionally one just speaks my name. I actually use the same mug ALL the time. Even travel with it.

    I mostly like my coffee strong and black first thing in the morning. I've tried it iced, but need too much sugar and flavoring to make it interesting, so usually don't have it.

  6. I like that saying what your friend so true..and what you said about the coffee..I'm so in agreement with you. My hubby makes the best coffee too!

  7. I thought I posted a comment but the word verification didn't come up! Technology is a wonderful thing. It seems a lot of us have too many mugs! This one is really cute!

    Of COURSE, I do coffee. I make my own as my hubby doesn't usually drink it.

  8. I looooove coffee and I love coffee mugs, I am picky though. I like fat ones with just the right kind of handle. I recently started roasting my own beans are they ever good. My husband doesn't drink coffee. He's a rebel like that!

  9. I've weeded out some of our mugs. I prefer a cup and saucer. My whole extended family teases me about it. Even when we tailgate once a year at OSU, and everyone else is drinking coffee from styrofoam cups, my sister breaks out a china cup and saucer for me. When I'm at another sister's house or at my mom's, they serve everyone else with mugs and dramatically go to their china cupbord and pull out their best for me. It's quite a family joke. I've been known to avoid restaurants that have gone to mugs...LOL! I do have a few I use here at the house but they are slender, lightweight and feminine. I also like "seasonal" mugs. So now you know what a coffee snob I really am! Seems by the comments I haven't done too well with training my hubby to make me coffee. Actually he does make it on week days, but takes all but 1/2 cup in his thermos to work. I do think the mug in your picture is very cute. The mentoring possibility sounds interesting!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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