Grandparent Hours

 As designated photographer, I couldn't join Grandpa in the water.
It sure was tempting though!

There were plenty of smiles to be captured.  I just was too slow of shutter!
After swimming, everyone changed into warm clothes and we gathered in front of the
fireplace in the cozy lounge of Das Essenhaus (Middlebury, IN).
There we celebrated February birthdays.  I turned into the official gift-hander-outer
and failed to capture any photos thereof OR thereafter.
Dinner followed along with an exciting trip down "gift alley"
(also known as "temptation hallway") before the difficult good-byes.
It was a trip well worth making to a half-way point between "them" and "us".
(Missing in pictures but not presence was the fourth child in this family, Elijah.)


  1. HI - lovely pictures to capture wonderful celebrations of life and family love. :-)
    Love Gail

  2. Hi Rebecca, Woke up early this morning and so had some quiet time to check out your blog. The pictures I have seen here are beautiful. Is it okay that I downloaded some? I've gotten into making some powerpoints for a study we are doing at church for young women (30s-40s--and that is young, isn't it? :~) And some might find their way into the presentation. We're doing Lies Women Believe. . .by Nancy Leigh Demoss. It has been translated into Albanian. Such a good book. Not all books translate effectively into another culture, but she is so Biblically-centered that she gives God's principles which are for all ages, times, and cultures. I may be heading out to Chicago for a couple of days and may get a peak at your four! Lisa makes the big move to begin work on March 3rd. Haven't gotten my ticket yet, but plans are for me to fly home mid-March and then make trips down to meet Ivy Sue in Louisville and to help N & J out for a week or so. I hope to run out to Chicago to see L for a couple of days. Not sure if I can also squeeze in a 48-hour trip to SC to check out Gracen. She is now going on 7 months!! Such a blessing that you can get with your 10 for some special times. Also, nice to see your mom and dad celebrating Hal's b-day and their anniversary. Blessings, love, and thanksgiving for you and your family, Sandy

  3. How nice to meet half way and enjoy the grandchildren and family......did you stay at the hotel?.....:-)Hugs

  4. How wonderful! I was just wondering how Taniah was doing. They are all getting big. How's the littlest guy? What a fun thing to do in the bleak mid-winter! (or hopefully nearing the end of winter!)

  5. I loved that you celebrated the Feb. birthdays all together. It's a great idea and meeting half way at a special place, even better!
    Glad everyone had a good time Rebecca.
    Love Di ♥

  6. I understand. We will do as much as is in our power to spend a few hours with our grandkids. It is always a joy and so worth the efforts! It sounds like you had a fun day!

  7. Nothing better than grandkids...NOTHING

    Stopping by some of my favorite blogs and some new. Hope you will stop by...On Monday night I am giving away 4 FOUR copies of Ree Drummond's love story. It is I had to buy enough copies to share with my dear blog friends.
    one of the best reads I have read in a long time. Have a happy week....

  8. Rebecca, so nice to meet you. What a lovely place you have here. Your love for the Lord, your precious husband and beautiful children and grandchildren shines through every post.

  9. That looked like so much fun. Great pictures & what a bunch of cuties!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)