A "Pilgrim of the Day"

Lettie Cowman (Mrs. Charles)
In the year that I graduated from high school (1966) Streams in the Desert, Volume Two was published.  Earlier, Mrs. Charles Cowman had compiled and published the first volume.  During the years of her final illness, she entrusted her personal papers, writings, and books to an associate who arranged and edited the material to produce this second volume of inspiration.  This morning, the words in the next couple of paragraphs jumped off the pages at me!

But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets. (Dan. 2:28)

Whenever your adversary pours in upon you like a flood, suggesting all kinds of impossibilities and improbabilities, what are you to do and how are you to go forward? Take down the old Book; sit far into the night; read the promises and the prophecies.  Read again the heart-warming words of Daniel:  "There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets."  Your night will unveil new stars never seen by day.  On the black thunder-cloud a rainbow will appear--God's everlasting covenant--and you will find a sunrise at midnight...

What shall you do?  Act as people who have no faith, no light, no discernment?  You cannot be like the unbelievers caught in the whirlpool and sink beneath the swirling waters of doubt and despair. You are a pilgrim of the day; a pilgrim of the luminous.  Thank God for the assurance of Divine guidance, and pray that you will stand in the right relationship to all the impossibilities and improbabilities.

"Trust in the dark brings Triumph at dawn." --Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

This message was reinforced by the second devotional my husband and I read together each morning (From Faith to Faith:  A Daily Guide to Victory).  God's timing is SO amazing!

"Many Christians are walking around without hope--just like the rest of the world.  Why?  Because the only hope that any man has is faith in Jesus Christ.  And the majority of Christians don't know how to live by faith.  Instead of being filled with the Word and with faith, they've been stuffed full of religious traditions and superstition...The Bible says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...  (Hosea 4:6)"

I am a pilgrim of the day.  I am a pilgrim of the day.  I am a pilgrim of the day.  I am a pilgrim of the day.     
I am a pilgrim of the day......


  1. Powerful Rebecca...I think so many of us need to soak this in. I love reading "Streams In the Dessert" I found a littl book titled "God's Minute" that was written in 1916 and the last copyright is 1923. It is a book with 365 daily prayers written by pastors.I have enjoyed reading one prayer daily after reading scripture and saing my prayer. The Word is our medication for the blahs or other ailments that pull us down...an yes You are a Pilgrim. Me too. :)

  2. Pilgrims with a purpose we are! I love Streams in the Desert, too. Words have jumped off the pages again and again to me - giving hope and reminding me of The Truth. I remember when I bought the book. I stood in the aisle at the book store and prayed that God would direct me to a book that would bring healing and strength to my wounded heart - a book to read alongside His Word. And you know the rest of the story . . . I've read and reread and been uplifted many times in the past nine years! I'm glad God has chosen to use inspired words of His servants to bring healing!

  3. I LOVE Mrs. Cowman's devotional books. I buy every one I see so I can give them to others.

  4. AMEN...AMEN! I used my streams in the desert for several years and the back is coming off of it. One of my favorites, for sure! I am getting a little better each day. It is slow going, but at least I see progress. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on arise 2 write. You are a very special friend and prayer warrior!
    Big Hugs,

  5. Awesome word for today Rebecca!! I see this hopelessness as you do among believers. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, now I will go and savor them.

  6. So beautiful and in keeping with Jeremiah 6:16; whenever my heart waivers, I stand and the crossroads and look; I ask for the ancient paths, so that I might find rest for my soul.

    God's Word is just that powerful... a transforming work of grace every time it is read. We may not always know what it is doing for us, in us, to us, but we can be confident that we are better off for the digging deep. Soon, truth will be embedded and hope and faith will cultivate at the surface.

    Keep to it, sister pilgrim. I'll meet you on the pages of Scripture.


  7. When I was in high school, a dear lady gave me a copy of "Streams in the Desert" for my 18th birthday. I still have that devotional. There's lots of wonderful things out that there that make me feel special and glad to be female...BUT God's Word is the ultimate!!!! This is a wonderful devotional. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. I've always loved those words from Daniel.
    Well you KNOW I needed to "hear" these words this week.
    Beautifully written, timeless words. These in particular spoke to me: "You cannot be like the unbelievers caught in the whirlpool and sink beneath the swirling waters of doubt and despair."
    No, I cannot and I will not. My Lord has sacrificed His all for me. I can do no less than trust Him in the dark, and believe in triumph at dawn! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Yes...so, so true, I am one who lacks faith at times and yet I know who wins and who has paid the cost...too easy to react like the world.
    Good word, good devotional...I am still chewing on the Holy Curiosity.


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