I May Have a Problem Here

This morning I went to the drawer to find a pair of scissors. 
I had a wake-up call. (I've been having a LOT of these lately.)
This SATURDAY I'm speaking at a Women's Retreat on the subject of "Simplicity"!
There's some irony in here somehow...
Your prayers and suggestions are NEEDED, welcomed and appreciated.
Meanwhile, I think I need to change the blog description in this header to
GETTING it sane, simple and sacred!
How are YOU keeping it SANE and SIMPLE in YOUR house this week?

 He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame,
       but whoever heeds correction is honored.
Proverbs 13:18


  1. :) Prayers being prayer for you Rebecca! I'm sure you will do a marvelous job! And thank you for bringing a smile to my face...I think you have your choice of scissors there...:)

  2. oh I know THIS feeling! Actually I'm impressed if you had those all in one drawer! I have many messes around here, but years ago when I had a very small kitchen, I learned I had room for only "one" of each thing, and I try to put away my kitchen stuff in the same place every time so I know right where to go when I need an item. Scissors are something I seem to need in the kitchen frequently, so I have a utility pair in my knife holder on the counter. This may sound wierd, but I also keep a small pair in my car to clip coupons when I have a few minutes of "dead" time (like waiting for mom at the doctor's office, etc). I can't wait to hear more about your talk...

  3. Organization has been in my mind from the start of Autumn. I cleared out my clothes closet and kept only the items I actually wear. I am now getting the urge to clear out my bill and paper box and organize my photo's. I plan on just keeping a few favorite photo's and give the rest to the kids.I think with age a time of simplifying automatically sets in. I actually love it. Like Jacquelyn commented...I am impressed you had them all in one place. I know You will do well at the retreat and be assured you will have my prayers with you that day. :)

  4. Rebecca: To keep it sane, simple, and sacred, in my house this week--I left and went to Colorado! Seriously, my daughter in law, whom we escorted out here is the queen of organization. She once organized my whole full basement while I was on vacation--and with a baby to care for as well! She put all our junk in boxes and shelved it and labeled it. I couldn't do it without a baby. I am not a good person to advise on drawer and closet organization. I've had my share of little houses over the years and have indulged myself now that I'm able to stretch out. I am not an organized person, though I am a clean freak. There's a difference. My husband is the organizer. He is constantly after me about it, but then here's the kicker--I'm much more creative than he is and artist types usually are weak on the organizational side, in my opinion. I must learn this discipline. The scissors seem to represent that there it is time to "cut" some things away, don't they? I never can find my scissors and I'm a seamstress! Blessings!

  5. Thanks, Dee. I organized the paper stuff awhile back, but it could use a tidying up again. As for photos, first I got my GRANDmother's extras; then my MOTHER'S, and now I'm left with an even bigger stack. I don't know that passing them on to our children is going to do anything for them except to get them off MY hands! LOL

  6. Lori - your comment about the scissors representing it's "time to cut some things away" is SO apt!

  7. Need to organizer so much, and throw out so much. Will do during the colder days of Winter. thanks, Gina

  8. I have scissors in all 3 bathrooms, on both of our desks(actually 4 on my desk), in my sewing basket, in husband's workroom, in the kitchen and laundry room!

    It makes my life simpler to have them in reach, for gift wrapping, hair cutting, mail art, and other crafts so I see nothing wrong with having so many, just not all in one place, I store them in small pottery vases.

    I should count my scissors, Rebecca...I even have a pair that folds up for a keychain, children's, my mother's embroidery and my dad's "nose hair" scissors....maybe I do have a problem! :)

  9. Wanda, Thanks for "keepin' it real"! Honestly, I know of several more pairs in MY house, too. These were just the ones in the paper clip/rubber band/thumbtack/stapler/scotch tape drawer!

  10. I guess the old saying, "you can never be too rich or too thin" should also say, "and have too many scissors!
    I would love to offer tips of organization, but I'm not the person to be an example. I even went to a organization seminiar give by the "Slob Sisters" for help. I don't know if they are still around, but they were great!
    I pretty much know where every thing is..there's just too much "everything"!

  11. Uh oh Rebecca....I don't think I like that proverb! Ha! Poverty and shame, eh? oh NO! Well, I AM trying to weed out a bit. Still have a LONNNNNNGGGGGG way to go. I'll be glad to read about other suggestions on how to de-clutter. I'm NOT good at keeping it simple. Plain and clearly stated. NOT good. Susan

  12. I had to laugh at the picture of all those scissors! God is good to remind us of things we need to care of, isn't He?

    For me, autumn is the time for cleaning and organization. I am always decluttering and have to stay viligant! This is my last year of homeschooling so I am slowly selling or giving away most of my homeschooling books, etc.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep it simple!!

  13. Oh, Rebecca, that's how I am with reading glasses! (My best friend recently gave me a shopping bag full of 'readers' that had belonged to her Mom.) I have them all over the house, also a pair in each and every purse I own, and yet, when I need them, there is NOT A PAIR to be found! I don't know how I manage to do that, but I do!

    I will remember your retreat and say a prayer that God Grants you inspiration for your talk!

    I'll be away for a few weeks, and I'll be back to blogging at the end of October.
    Take care.
    Love and Prayers,

  14. Praying that as you pray and seek the LORD you will hear with a spiritual ear all that He has for you to share with the ladies. I'm sure it will be awesome! I'm sure you and them will be blessed in the presence of the LORD.

    Love the sane, simple and sacred...

    Praying right now for you as you prepare to speak...


  15. well, we know whose house to go to when we
    need scissors! :)

  16. With much prayer! And more prayer. Thanks for sharing this, great post. loved the photo.

  17. Oh how I wish I had your problem Rebecca! Ever since there have been children in this house (32 yrs.) my scissors seem to magically disappear! I have had so many nice pairs, cheap pairs you name it pairs that have been "borrowed" and than lost! I have hidden them, which sometimes works and sometimes not. I have threatened to chain them to something but that could be inconvenient! So, believe it or not, I am still hiding them! Love Di ♥

  18. Wish I could be at the conference to hear you. I need all the help I can get when it comes to trying to create a simple life. I organized my desk yesterday but didn't rid of hardly anything which was disappointing. Wish I could help with suggestions but I'm too "insane" to contribute.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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