Cast-Offs and Freebies

I couldn't help posting these inferior photos!  Saturday, as part of our celebration of  the 40th anniversary of our engagement, we went to my favorite thrift store.  One thing I've been looking for is fabric to cover the seats of these chairs--and I found it!  For $1!  These were definitely not the colors I was looking for, but the pattern and colors have "grown" on me.

After a lovely meal (I had Mallory's Salmon Salad which featured artichoke, asparagus, walnuts, bleu cheese and black currant dressing), we came home.  I CUT; my husband STAPLED.  Then together we carried in the table and chairs (and carried out the old ones).  He's been wanting to refinish the top of our old table for a long time.

THIS table and four chairs were gifts from Lynn and Donna.  Gary repaired and refinished them, and I am enjoying the look of the dark wood in our kitchen/dining area.  The "captain's" chair was a stray that matches quite enough for me.  We're on the lookout for another to complete the "set".

I never tire of changing and rearranging furniture.  Happily, I'm also quite content with
cast-offs and freebies!
I myself was a cast-off once--before Jesus changed and rearranged me!
And He's STILL at it!


  1. wow! very nice. Looks like you had enough fabric to make a table scarf too! Good job, it looks great!

    Jesus changed me too...and He's still doing His best to rearrange me!

  2. Jacquelyn, I'm saving the extra fabric in hopes of finding a second "captain's chair". Meanwhile, I just bunched it up to set the candle on...

  3. You did a great job Rebecca, and oh the price for the material was oh so good. I love dark wood.

    I too am being re-arranged by Jesus. Grace Flows Down and covers me. What a beautiful truth and song.


  4. I really like the fabric! To me it looks
    like autumn abundance and goes so well
    with the chairs and table. I can't believe
    the wonderful deals God blesses you with!
    I wonder if you or your dear husband
    could answer a question for us. Many years
    ago we bought a large oval dining table
    with six large high back chairs. I still
    like the style very much but something
    strange has happened to the finish. What
    appeared to be real wood now seems not
    to be! The top of the table is getting
    little marks all over it as if we were
    scraping off the finish. Now my autistic
    son can be rough with things, but we know
    he is not doing this. When we tried to
    repair the marks the stain simply beaded
    up and wouldn't adhere. Any ideas how we
    might fix our table?

  5. Awesome...first congratulations on 40 years of since your engagement!!
    Second I love this and the table and chairs look great.
    I celebrate that God isn't finished with me yet and continues to work on this old piece.
    I am also enjoying re-doing cast off pieces.

  6. I so admire Gary's talents to make things look better than new. The table and chairs look good in your dinning area.

  7. I love the fabric, you are so blessed to be able to do these things together, not only a real money savings but the time together is priceless.
    Have a blessed Sunday....:-)

  8. Wow! 40 years. That is fantastic. I cannot believe how old we are getting. The table looks wonderful and I love the fabric on the chairs. It is perfect—so elegant looking. I am sure that I am not alone when once and awhile I envy you because of the ability, creativity, and willingness of Gary to joyfully and completely enter into your projects. God has blessed both of you.

  9. My goodness! Gary wasted no time in getting the table and chairs ready for your dining room. They look great! I love the fabric! You both did a wonderful job. Glad you can enjoy them. Donna

  10. You and your husband are so talented and creative! I love the fabric and the table/chairs.

    The post ending - about Jesus changing and rearranging - is the best part!

  11. Very pretty is fun to find those things at the price you got your fabric for! I would love to come and sit at one of the chairs.......with a cup a tea and I would bring the scones!
    Hugs sweet friend!

  12. Donna, We thank you -- again! They DID turn out so nice.

  13. Brenda, God equipped us with skills and interest in repairing and repurposing. I'm very thankful and content.

  14. Glenda, You're right about the "best part" :)

  15. Love that table n chairs set and the fabric is beautiful. I really like it alot! AND FOR A BUCK?!!! My favorite thing in this post is that you cut and he stapled. SOUNDS LIKE love and that yall are a match made in heaven.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)