Show Us Your Cafe or " Eat Local"

Just six or seven miles down the road is the "Big Town".  At one time, the city was known as the City of Restaurants.  Just about every chain restaurant imaginable had/has a presence in Fort Wayne.  Yesterday, some friends called and asked us if we wanted to meet them "in half-an-hour" at our local cafe.  In spite of my newly adopted 3 Bite Rule, we met them.
There's nothing like a small town cafe!  When we DO eat out (not as often as we used to), there is something satisfying about the local restaurant - where you are greeted by name and recognize many of the other diners.  The food is fine but nothing fancy.
It feels a little like home to eat in a local cafe.  A lot more goes on there than just eating!!  When traveling, we frequently search out cafes in small towns.  We look for a lot of cars in the parking lot which seems to indicate approval by the locals and are seldom disappointed!

Being a pastor's wife, I maybe jump to this comparison quicker than others might...but I think the church in one's own community is a good choice, too.  Rather than jumping Sunday to Sunday to a church that has a guest musician or famous-named speaker, get involved and be faithful in attending the church nearest you where people are eager to learn and live out the Word of God!  In addition to listening to Christian music, reading Christian books, downloading services or watching television services, go in person to your local church where you can be greeted by name and recognize and interact with the other diners! Be a "regular"!

It may not be fancy but it will be fine.  
In fact, Jesus said:
"Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."  Matthew 18:20

By the way, do you have a favorite local cafe


  1. I don't really know if it would qualify
    as a cafe but my favorite place to eat
    in Asheville is The Corner Kitchen in
    Biltmore Village. It's only a few minutes
    from my house and the food is fabulous.
    Everyone who lives in this area knows
    the Kitchen and has only good things to
    say about it. The chef is very well
    known and his culinary talents have been
    written about in many publications such
    as Southern Living.
    If you are ever visiting your brother
    in Bryson City again you should make it
    a point to dine there.

  2. I WONDER if that is where my husband and I shared a dessert once! It was evening, and I can't remember how it looked outside, but I think it was in a house turned restaurant???? It was expensive, but delicious. I WONDER???? There was kind of a counter inside the front door....we were seated in a room to the left. I think I remember seeing a stairway in that entrance part...

  3. Actually that sounds exactly like the
    Kitchen. All the restaurants and shops
    in the village are lovely old houses
    that the employees of George Vanderbilt
    lived in. I haven't been to the Kitchen
    lately but someone said they have just
    lowered some of their prices.

  4. I do agree about local cafes, Rebecca. I just returned from a montly held breakfast/lunch with 10 friends from school days! We get together at our local diner or the local old-fashion icecream parlor and also meet many more people of interst, because it's situated by a bike trail!

  5. Love the local restaurant...because I live in a large metro-plex, with even larger all you said is true!
    Just being in a body of believers is like the local restaurant, privately owned, and there for the locals!

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    My grandparents and Dad owned a local diner in Key West, Florida for 40 years, and all the locals loved it, and were so upset when they closed. I have to say the food was just marvelous and so much like home cooking. My daddy was a darn good cook. You are so right about finding those restaurtants with lots of cars in the parking lot,
    if no cars, keep right on looking, at least that has been our experience, only happened once or twice when we were young, but we got and it quick!!

    You are so right about finding a church and sticking with it as well, we have been at our church for 30 yrs. next month, and still love it!!

    Also, thanks for coming by and am glad some one
    agrees about the napkins and the ironing!! lol

    I am also thankful for $10. pizza hut pizza, and also we get it at Papa Johns for that price too.
    One night of the week, I think they have 2 pans of pasta for $ pizza hut, we tried it one night and it was great, just threw a salad together, and we were good to go!!

    Have a great Sunday,
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. I love coffee shops, Rebecca, and our small city has several. The homey feel of your local coffee shop could be seen on the handwritten signs. So homey.

    Yes, you are so right. Our local church is precious,like a small cafe that has a warm, intimate feel... Even if it has gotten bigger through the years it is still home to me, and I have a circle of friends that I've been friends with for the past thirty years.


  8. Love this post, Rebecca! There is a little coffee shop here called Boston Coffee, that is probably my favorite local spot. It is very cozy and has some wonderful food and pastries. Our other fave spots are in places we have visited, and when we return or are passing through, we enjoy eating there.

    There is nothing like a local church body!! You are so right!
    Blessings and joy to you gal!

  9. I'm a bit odd that way Rebecca. I don't care for restaurants that serve meals that I can make at home. I prefer going to a place where they have things on the menu that I don't cook at home. Except for breakfast, then I like to go to a local cafe, you can't beat their breakfast's! Love Di ♥

  10. That's cool, Di! I probably COULD cook most anything that our LOCAL CAFE cooks - but I don't. I don't use a grill, for instance, and don't deep fry - so an occasional order of great, big onion rings is a treat. My husband likes pork chops - and it's just something that (for some reason) I don't make at home much. So it's a treat for him to order theirs. It's also quite a "social" outing in a small town. We usually see several people we know and sometimes join up with someone, etc.

  11. OH - and the breakfast thing (Diana)-- you can order breakfast ALL day (which I have done). Sounds like we eat out all the time. Not really. Sweet potatoes and sausage links in the crock pot right now - will be ready for after church!

  12. We have so much in common Rebecca! When traveling I love finding something "local" rather than a chain and 1st judge a place by the number of cars in the parking lot! I do enjoy ordering things I normally don't make at home too, like pork chops and onion rings...We found a local place just this weekend since we are "away" and we were greeted at the door by a man who was dressed up like a woman. We didn't know WHAT to think...until we realized it is something the owner does every September to raise money for the local children's hospital! What a hoot! All the waitresses were rolling their eyes and apologizing for their boss...talking out loud to one another as they were serving tables. Good local fun!

    Our church is about 10 miles away from us. We love it and we've been there almost 11 years, but it definitely is a drawback that we don't live right in the community where it is located. Our previous church is one mile from us and we were members there for many years while our kids were growing up and it was a good thing to "dine" with the locals. I totally understand your point and in principle agree with it...things just changed for us...and I do at times miss the old days...

  13. Jacquelyn, I SO understand that "things change"!

  14. Rebecca--Just saw your post, as I've been in the woods all weekend. You know your cafe is my cafe--we go almost every Sunday, and they certainly know us there--we are definitely "regulars".

    I also agree about the local church, where you can build friendships and worship together.


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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