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Saying farewell
My dear and gentle readers,

I am writing to say that this is my last letter. I believe that after four years, lacking two months and a day, the blog has run its course. Over this time I've taken note of the garden, the animals, recipes, books, some music, some movies, and family news. It has been most fulfilling.

I want to thank every single person who has ever taken the time to leave me a note, either on the blog or in an email. I have been touched beyond words by your caring, your kindness, your thoughtfulness.

I am not stopping because of any problem. I am stopping because I feel that I've said most everything I have to say about the garden, the changing seasons, the weather. I live a very simple, quiet life and one July is pretty much like another July. You've seen the flowers and read most of my recipes. As far as books go, I am ready to stop writing about them and just read them. I may not even keep a print record anymore.

I am going to leave the blog on the internet at least for a while. I must decide what I want to 'do' with it. I may want to copy out some postings. I have stopped the comments.

I like the word farewell because it is more than goodbye. It is a word which offers good wishes. And I do wish you all well. I will think of each of you with great fondness and deep appreciation.

I'll MISS Nan.  I especially enjoyed getting some of my reading cues from her. 
Her blog was as "dear and gentle" as the readers she attracted.  
When a blog I have grown to appreciate folds
I usually re-evaluate MY personal reasons for blogging--and if they are still valid, I return with fresh enthusiasm to the miracle of expression and sharing that I have come to enjoy SO much.  
Do you know why YOU blog????


  1. Sounds like a wise woman, considered it myself many times lately, thanks for sharing, Gina

  2. Oh, Rebecca, I thought this was a 'good-bye' post of yours at first and my heart sank. Then I read the title. Phew! (Wiping my brow and heart-happy again!)
    I don't know Nan but I can understand her feelings. It sounds like she will be missed, and I'm sorry for all those who got so much from reading and visiting with her. I started out blogging just as a sort of diary or journal, and then I met so many wonderful people, that was such a Blessed surprise, and I now enjoy catching up on their lives. As for my own blog, well, it feels sort of lame (lame because when I view other blogs I find mine LACKING, and lame because it's not working!), I have thought about revamping it, but I'm just not that creative.
    So I'll just keep being me, warts and all, and that has been another Blessing to me, the absolute acceptance I feel from other Bloggers.
    God Is Good!
    And that's why I blog.
    Love to you,
    PS ~ I did a picture post one day last week, Blogger told me that it published successfully, but it's nowhere to be found! Oh well.

  3. Eileen - Your response represents what (to me) is important--knowing yourself and YOUR reasons for blogging or not w/o comparing or competing. YOU are one of the reasons I continue to enjoy blogging :)

  4. I blog almost for the same reason as Eileen, it started as a scrapbook journal and brought the unexpected pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people who have become real friends. It's a creative outlet, adds joy to my day, and makes the world seem smaller!

  5. a really good question Rebecca. I was afraid it might be you that was stopping her blog... I didn't know Nan, but am glad you are still 'there'... I blog when God gives me something I want to share, not always sure why but it seems so valid at the time. I know that I am blessed when I share...


  6. I am so sorry to here that your friend Nan is saying goodbye Rebecca. I didn't know her but I do know how much I miss all of you when you are away.
    You probably already know that I started blogging after my first stroke. My daughter, Ginny, thought that it would be a good thing that would keep me relaxed. I didn't even know what blogging was! I do it just for fun. Love Di ♥

  7. Di, I owe Ginny BIG time! I didn't realized that was when/how you started...

  8. It looks as if the reasons for blogging are similar. I also started just as a journal for myself, but have met many wonderful people. I didn't know Nan either--I don't know how I missed out on her blog.

    Di--I also didn't know that's why you started blogging--I am SO glad you did! Donna

  9. Thanks for asking why we blog. Such a great idea! I started blogging after I wrote and published my first book. I also felt I had so much to share in some of the deep experiences of the Christian life and there were few outlets for me. My first year's posts were mostly articles on the farm and gardens with spiritual insights drawn from the country life. I started posting pictures and while I still wish to encourage, I do write a bit shorter posts than I used to, assuming people don't want to take the time to read "articles." I enjoy blogging so much!

  10. Rebecca: My heart also almost stopped when I saw your post. I enjoy all your blogs. Each one has something special about it, including the quotes from previous pilgrims that are uplifting and give me pause for thought. I started a blog to leave a scrapbook for our children. I doubt that they're reading it now, but hopefully I can put into book form someday so they can learn to know me better. I'm generally a private person, but I like to write so the blog is to have a writing outlet as well. I guess the blog isn't for just one reason, as I like to explore different aspects of my life...

    A side benefit is all the wonderful people I've found. So, friendship has become a really enjoyable part of it, especially when I meet great bloggers like you. Thanks, Rebecca. I hope you stay around for a long time!

  11. Well, dear Rebecca this is the first time ever that someone has written a blog entry about me! I can't believe it. As you know, I reconsidered and am deeply glad I did. Thank you so, so much for your words here and for your comment. I'll be back to visit you here. I've already seen some posts I want to comment on! Thank you, thank you.


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Writing a Song a Week #3
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