Lots of Ado About Nothing Much

This is kind of what I look like this morning.  I'm not going to repeat what I said on my Stylin' Blog this morning (but you're welcome to go read it).  Some pretty good stuff is going on in my life today--including our firstborn's birthday!

The topic of bath towels and preferences regarding them arose in the comments on yesterday's post.  Personally, I  LOVE* naturally dried towels!  Though a little scratchy (I just flap them vigorously when taking them off the line and it helps), I think they are more absorbent than those that come out of the clothes dryer. 

*Now, about that word "LOVE"!  For a long time now I've been wanted to tackle the task of consciously finding suitable words to use in its place.  I definitely believe that I overuse the word but struggle to come up with other words to more accurately communicate DEGREES of my affection and admiration.

For me, it cheapens the word to say "I love the Lord Jesus" or "I love my daughter" alongside with "I love that purse" or "I loved your post"!  It just feels awkward for me.

Have YOU ever felt that way?  If so, have you found other ways to express your feelings?

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with and with all your mind."
Matthew 22:37


  1. You look very pretty today...really like the touch of red. I feel the same way about the word "love"....except that maybe we can justify it's use by realizing there are different degrees of the word. The love for my Lord...doesn't compare to my love of chocolate!! If you come up with a better word, I want to use it, too!!!
    Enjoy your day...and happy birthday to your daughter!!!

  2. I agree. I have struggled with another word for "love" as well. Other languages seem to have more words for love. "Really like" just doesn't cut it.

    You look very nice. I "like" or is that "love" your red belt and shoes with your black.

  3. I suppose I look at GODS love and loving others so closely intertwined. I grew up not feeling "loved" by my family in so many ways....but my Heavenly Father "always" loved me and that was the kind of love I wanted to pass to my children and to all others I come in contact with...an unconditional love....a love without hurt or pain. My love for others will never be perfect, but I pray it continues to be an extension of Christ love through me.

  4. We tried to come up with a word for love in loving the Lord. It is really hard to express
    what love really is. There are different kinds of love, but when you run all the references you still come up without a definite word that expresses love.
    Seems Peter had trouble with the word. "Peter, do you love me?" "Yes Lord!"
    The second time, "Peter do you love me?" "You know I love you, Lord!" "Feed my sheep."
    When the Lord ask Peter the 3rd time, Peter was grieved at heart. "Peter, do you really love me? Enough to die for me." Then I think Peter really got the meaning of love. "Lord, thou doest know I love thee."
    I think Peter thought about the three times he denied the Lord. Now he faced what reallove was. I am paraphrasing, of course.
    You bring up an interesting subject.

  5. Aileen, you bring up an interesting point. I THINK I've heard that each time Jesus asked Peter the question, He used a different Greek (or was it Aramaic) word. We, on the other hand, only had one word with which to translate it - "love"!

  6. Andrea, So very insightful--your comments. That unconditional love we experience in Jesus Christ is the model we long to pass on to our children and loved ones.

    It is NOT the same in quality as the "love" I have for my new couch or your new porch swing, right???? (That's what I mean about being awkward in using the SAME word for such different OBJECTS of affection/fondness...)

  7. Rebecca: You are so right about the word "love!" My husband has preached on that very subject before!

  8. PS: Just happened to scroll back and read your clothesline post! I did one recently and had this handy little tip--after 30 years of frugal living and almost constant clothesline usage I finally discovered a way to hang shirts without ending up with the little marks from clothespins. Flop shirts over the line about in half and affix the pins to the underarm seam where it meets the side seams. Any little marks will be invisible when worn and/or body heat under the arm will quickly "iron" them out!

  9. Thanks, Lori, for the shirt-hanging trick! (I'd "love" to know if you came away from your husband's sermon with fresh ways to express your delight in objects or ideas apart from using the word "love"!)

  10. I don't remember all about the sermon for sure...it's been awhile. I just know that I am more aware every time I use the word and now remember how shallow it is to say 'I "love" ice cream' or whatever when biblical love means so much more!

  11. Hi Rebecca,
    I like your new hairstyle, including your decision to go naturally grey, giving the message that you can laugh at the days to come like the proverbial woman in proverbs 31.

    We hang our clothes out here to dry all the time, it's so sunny on most days. Sun dried and air dried sheets and towels smell so sunny fresh. We let the wash go through the spinner to wring out excess water, then hang them on the clothesline.

    You look nice in black. And that red gives it all a touch of simple elegance.

    I had to smile when you brought up the usage of love - for a person, for an inanimate object... we just use the word interchangeably all the time without thinking. But I know what you mean.

    Thanks for the comments you left at my two recent posts. I know that you are a deep thinker, and I appreciate it when you let me know how you feel about something I've written.

    Happy birthday to your firstborn. I can sense the joy in the atmosphere.


  12. Great photo of you Rebecca!

    I so understand what you shared here! I often use other words to describe something I 'enjoy' rather than using the word "love" so loosely.

    Blessings to you dear one!

  13. Lisa, "Enjoy" would work for me sometimes... Basically, it comes down to being thoughtful and selective in how I express myself. Thanks for weighing in. I value your insight :)

  14. I'm sure I totally overuse the word "love"! But I'm aware that the English language doesn't have many options of words to express degrees of fond feelings. Where I have a problem is in signing off on a letter or email...If I say "love" and the person just responds with their name, I feel like I've intruded into their space by being overly personal. Or every now and then a male (like a very old friend) might sign off with "love" and I'm totally uncomfortable as to how to respond to that. It feels very much out of bounds for me to say "love" back...unless it's my brother! So, I have to say that I "love" that picture of you! And how did you make it that shape and size? Good color combination you've got going there. I "love" red and black! And lastly, I always "love" to congradulate moms on their children's birthdays. We're the ones who did the work! LOL! So I know I saw somewhere this week that it was your firstborn's birthday, and I hope it was a happy day for both of you! My daughter-in-law (bow tie lady) goes out and buys herself a bouquet of flowers on her kids' birthdays...don't ya "love" it? !!!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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