"Now the Lord God appointed a plant and made it come up over Jonah, that it might be a shade over his head, to save him from his discomfort" (Jonah 4:5, ESV).
In the footnote of my Bible, it indicates that "discomfort" could also be translated "evil".  Jonah had less than admirable thoughts in his mind at the time God provided shade for him from the "heat" of his circumstances. God wanted to SAVE Jonah from both the heat of the day and the selfish and vindictive attitudes that clouded his perspective.

God appointed such a place for me the last 24 hours.  I am at the Heritage Inn where my husband is attending a meeting.  Yesterday I swam in this pool (had it almost to myself), then took in 15 minutes of vitamin D just outside the door.  This morning we breakfasted under the shade of this indoor (artificial) tree. 

While my husband attends meetings this morning, I plan to swim some more, sun a bit, then expose my heart and mind to the Word.

"Search me, O God, and know my hear!  Try me and know my thoughts!  And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting" (Psalm 139:23-24).


  1. What a great time you two have.We used to do that more, but now not as much. I see you have taken all your sidebar items and made separate pages. I have tried to get myself motivated to do that for my blog. I may try today , thanks much, Oh ! Yes, to pray to be RIGHT where God wants you to be, excellent concept straight from God . bye , have fun ! Gina

  2. What a great place...and a great way to stay cool. :-)

  3. I had to take a closer look at that tree! It still looked real! There is a Frank Loyd Wright house up north that has a tree growing in the middle of it. I was fortunate enough to get to see it when I was in middle school. I don't even know if it's still there. That's what your photo reminded me of. And I loved the message that went along with it. And I can understand where discomfort can be interpreted as evil. I mean if something makes you feel uncomfortable, than it's usually not right! Right?!
    Love Di ♥

  4. The Heritage Inn is certainly a serene lovely place to be, Rebecca! The tree is so life-like!


  5. I miss staying at the Heritage Inn. How wonderful to combine meetings, family, refreshment, and fun. Blessings indeed.

  6. I've always loved Heritage Inn. Didn't know you were having a little R & R while Hubby works. What a nice treat!

  7. Amazing indoor think that it's artificial!

    Appointments sent by God are always so timely.

    I am sure that you had such a profitable time at this lovely place.


  8. The Lord is so wonderful to save us from
    ourselves! Where would we be without His
    grace?! This is a lovely place and I hope
    you have a relaxing time there.

  9. Love your "appointment" list! Praying you enjoyed your swimming and that GOD poured Himself out to you and through you as you soaked in HIS word.

  10. Sounds lovely and refreshing Rebecca! Enjoy this time t rejuvenate your body and spirit!


Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
♪ I wait for the Lord; my soul waits and in his word I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning ♪ (Psalm 130:5-6)