"Main Street" for Sale

Our town is small and unincorporated.  It is a proud town.  A town with a history.  A town with parks, ball diamonds, and tennis courts. A town surrounded by rural businesses and Amish farms.  A thriving bakery, community bank, an antique store, a couple of cabinet manufacturers, gas station, several churches, a mortuary, a vehicle repair shop, an automobile rental company, building contractors, a youth center and a beauty salon are a few of the businesses that make up our community. 

Located in northeast Indiana, Harlan is situated on a very well-traveled highway that recently received a face-lift.  New pavement and attractive sidewalks line the Main Street, State Road 37.

For one reason or another, several businesses within one block of each other are currently for sale.  Any and all of these would be wonderful sites for offices and small businesses.

My dream is for an investor to recognize the potential and provide financial backing for entrepreneurs and employment for the hard-working people of this great community.  If someone would buy and "back" several venues at once, I believe there would be a GREAT chance of success.  One store at a time might  not be enough to draw the attention needed to make it worth the drive.

Our town is located less than 10 miles from Fort Wayne.  A tea room/book store would be a wonderful use of the former library building.  It's brick exterior is charming!   Some unique gift shops and art studios would  make our town a Day's Destination for the nearby city and could be housed uniquely in the historic building seen at the top of this post.  Most recently it was a thriving dentist office.

This beauty salon with tanning beds would make a fabulous spa.  With affordable prices, I KNOW this would be an attraction.

It happened in another town I read about a few years ago.  I KNOW the current economic times are challenging.

But I can DREAM, can't I?  Anybody want to $dream$ with me?


  1. I think that if there is potential for the town Rebecca, it will get noticed. It is difficult as you said with the economy today, keeping businesses thriving. I have seen many small shops come and go here in Mt. Vernon over the years but it still manages to grow in spite if the small failures. Some catch on and some don't. Supply and demand. Love Di ♥

    P.S. I too live right off of state route 37!

  2. Oh, I love to dream like this!!! And the architecture of those buildings is so charming! I'm especially drawn to your second photo...I've always thought it would be fun to have a combination used bookstore/art gallery/coffee shop...sigh...maybe, someday :-) Loved this Rebecca! I just so LOVE the way you think...~Janine XO

  3. We live in a *chemical* town that will never have the fun little *shops*. Lots of industry. I have dreamed of having a shop myself....it would be called the Rabbit Hutch. I have a list somewhere of the kinds of things I would sell. I would have a NICE public bathroom, moss rose in pots out by the front door, rabbit hutch...wire and all....to *house* the things I would sell. $DREAM ON$$$$$$$

    We have been to a many little cities that are full of fun places to shop....I love to step back into the past....AND drink coffees of today!!

  4. Praying for your town dear.

  5. So many small towns around me had most of all the dreams you listed but are now full of for sale signs. Hopefully they will have a come back. I think dreams are good...so keep dreaming! :)

  6. Oh, I hope your dream for your town comes true! I hate to hear of shops closing up. I know so many 'Mom & Pop' stores in our little village had to close up shop when Target, and Staples, and Walmart, and K Mart all opened up nearby. There was no way these small shops could compete. Very sad.
    I'll say a prayer.
    Love to you,

  7. I dream your dream along with you. One of my favoirte Mi. towns has also suffered the same problem. It used to attract so many because of the lovely downtown, but most have gone out of business.
    I would love to see privately owned business thrive along with bigger stores, but they don't seem to be able to compete.
    Like I said, I dream the dream along with you.

  8. What a sweet little town you have...kind of like ours. All the little stores everywhere seem to be struggling. It is indeed, very sad. I hope you are having a wonderful start to your summer :)
    Love and hugs...Jerelene

  9. Just stopping by to give you my love!! You're in my thoughts! ~Janine XO

  10. Harlan sounds like a great place. (Were you affected by the recent storms/tornadoes?) Another idea would be for a Bed & Breakfast. Many people (like us) would much prefer staying a few miles away from the big city in a homey B&B than in the Holiday Inn. Nice post! Sometimes dreams do come true!

  11. Oh love your dreams! We came very close to buying an old building on the main street of a small Texas town many years ago. We were going to have a shop downstairs and maybe a tea room, and live above. The above space was about 8000 sq.feet, huge. We ended up not doing it, but I am always a tiny bit jealous of those who do it. Another dream was a bed & breakfast until my hubby said I would be the maid unless we could afford real maid service!! That dream faded fast!!

    This was such a cute posting. I love the first building!




Writing a Song a Week #3

Writing a Song a Week #3
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